‘IT’S ALL OVER NOW’ – First No 1 Hit Single In The UK For THE ROLLING STONES 55 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

14 July 2019

Today 55 years ago, on 14 July 1964, imperishable rock icons THE ROLLING STONES scored their very first number 1 single in the UK with ‘ITS’ALL OVER NOW‘. A tremendous earworm written by Bobby Womack and his sister-in-law Shirley Womack. American band The Valentinos were the first to perform the song but without success. When a DJ played that version to the Stones they were really excited to do a rendition of their own, turning it into a jingle jangle cracker with a victorious outcome. Here we go, back in time…



Knockouts from the past

13 July 2019

Today 22 years ago, on 13 July 1997, techno kamikaze punks THE PRODIGY topped the UK Album Charts with their third album ‘THE FAT OF THE LAND‘. Lead single ‘BREATHE’ was released in November of the previous year and hit the top spot of the UK Singles Chart. Here comes that slam dunk…


From album ‘FAT OF THE LAND‘…

R.I.P. Keith Flint

‘A FOREST’ By THE CURE – Live At Pinkpop Festival In Holland 2019…

Knockouts from the past

9 July 2019

Gothic icons THE CURE released signature single A FOREST on 8 April 1980. It was
part of their second album  Seventeen Seconds. It was the band’s first single that
hit the UK Singles Chart, reaching #31. Here’s an exquisite live rendition from their appearance at Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands this year in April…

THE CURE: Website – Facebook

DAVID BOWIE Released ‘SPACE ODDITY’ 50 Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

11 July 2019


DAVID BOWIE released his breakthrough single SPACE ODDITY this day 50 years ago,
on 11 July 1969. It was specifically planned to be out just before the first moon landing,
on 20 July, but it only became a massive hit when it was re-released later in the year in the UK (but not until 1973 in the US). The song was also the opening track of his 2nd self-titled longplayer. Happy birthday Major Tom

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook


‘Sunny Afternoon’ by THE KINKS – No 1 Hit In The UK This Day In 1966…

Knockouts from the past

8 July 2019

This day 53 years ago, on 8 July 1966, legends THE KINKS had a No 1 hit single in the
UK with the splendid humdinger SUNNY AFTERNOON. Strangely enough at the time
that mastermind Ray Davies wrote the song he was listening continuously to Frank
Sinatra, Bob Dylan
and Bach.

Of the song lyrics, he said: “The only way I could interpret how I felt was through a dusty, fallen aristocrat who had come from old money as opposed to the wealth I had created for myself. In order to prevent the listener from sympathizing with the song’s protagonist I turned him into a scoundrel who fought with his girlfriend after a night of drunkenness and cruelty.“.

Here’s the classic…

THE KINKS: Facebook – Website

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – ‘Do It Again’ (2007)

Knockouts from the past

7 July 2019

Today 12 years ago, on 7 July 2007, rave experts THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS scored a
No 1 hit album in the UK with their sixth studio LP ‘We Are The Night‘. One of the singles was ‘DO IT AGAIN‘. An incredible sticky firecracker that peaked at #12 in the charts. Dance yourself in a coma right here…



Knockouts from the past

24 June 2019


THE WHITE STRIPES scored a No 1 album in the UK on 24 June 2007, today 12 years ago with their sixth and final LP ICKY THUMP.  One of their rawest and back to the red-sharp blues roots of their first recordings. It peaked at #2 in the US and won a Grammy Award for best alternative album.

Here’s the ramshackle racket in full…

One of my fav highlights was RAG AND BONE, a simplistic yet funny story and musically
a big booming banger. It was released as a 7″ red vinyl single with every copy of British music mag NME on 6 June, two weeks before longplayer’s release. More info here. 

Here’s the Rag And Bone lyric clip…

THE WHITE STRIPES: Facebook – All Albums

The album…

The single…

DAVID BOWIE Recorded Breakthrough Single ‘SPACE ODDITY’ 50 Years Ago…


20 June 2019


Today 50 years ago the late great genius DAVID BOWIE recorded his legendary,
first-rate masterstroke SPACE ODDITY this day 50 years ago, on 20 June 1969. It
came out as a single on 11 July 1969 and featured as the opening track of his 2nd
self-titled longplayer. It made Bowie a worldwide mega star.

Here’s that timeless, magnificent and towering coup de maître…

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook