‘IN THE CITY’ By THE JAM Released 22 April 1977…

Knockouts from the past

22 April 2019

Legends THE JAM released robust debut single ‘IN THE CITY‘ on 22 April 1977. Yes, folks, already 42 years ago. The cutting ripper about the young idea peaked at #40 on the UK singles chart. In May 2002, record label Polydor Records celebrated the 25th anniversary of the single with a re-release in its original packaging, in its original 7″ vinyl record format and at its original price of 75 pence.

Go red-hot right here…

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‘HINDU TIMES’ By OASIS – Released 21 April 2002

Knockouts from the past

21 April 2019


HINDU TIMES was the lead single of the Manchester legends underrated 2002 album Heathen Chemistry. A bona fide Oasis stormer with a confident rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The song was titled after Noel Gallagher saw the name on a T-shirt in a charity shop. It was their sixth No 1 hit in the UK. And it went like this…

I get up / When I’m down
I can’t swim
But my soul won’t drown
I do believe / I got flair
I got speed / And I walk on air

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LED ZEPPELIN – 16 April 1970 – ‘A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’ Goes Gold…

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16 April 2019

The classic LED ZEPPELIN track ‘WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’, released as a single almost everywhere in the world, except in the UK was certified Gold in the US on 16 April 1970, 49 years ago today after selling over one million copies. The band’s record label Atlantic Records also wanted to launch this gigantic rocker in the UK as a single and had pressed initial copies for release on 5th December 1969. But giant (literally) band manager Peter Grant refused categorically. He wanted no exception regarding Zep’s no-singles policy for the British market (the reason for this strategy was to maximize album sales).

Anyway, here’s that towering ripsnorter with its king-sized riff…


‘Rock Lobster’ By THE B-52’s – Released 40 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

15 April 2019

‘Rock Lobster’ by THE B-52’s

Today 40 years ago, on 15 April 1978 the then far-out funky looking band THE B-52’s
out of Athens, Georgia released their spaced out and eccentric single ‘ROCK LOBSTER’.
It was actually produced in two versions, one by DB Records (the one we’re talking about) and a longer version featured on the group’s kooky self-titled debut LP (1979) issued by Warner Bros. The single peaked at #56 in America but hit the top spot in Canada. Put your wig on, here we go…

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‘Somebody Help Me’ By SPENCER DAVIS GROUP…

Knockouts from the past

14 April 2019


Today 53 years ago, on 14 April 1966 British beat band SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, named after its Welsh founder and guitarist Spencer Davis, but also the first band of mighty soul voice Steve Winwood – only 16 at the time – hit the top spot of the UK singles chart with ‘SOMEBODY HELP ME’ a song written by Jamaican musician Jackie Edwards. Here is a pretty cool live version from a German TV show (with wunderkind Winwood on the right
of your screen)…



Knockouts from the past

13 April 2019

‘Jet’ by WINGS

Today 45 years ago, on 13 April 1974 ex-Beatle PAUL MCCARTNEY & his WINGS hit the top spot of the albums chart in the US with their third LP, bestseller ‘BAND ON THE RUN’. The first single from the record was JET. A scream along corker McCartney still plays live these days. The song was named after his dog, a jet-black Labrador. Here’s a live version
of that classic…



‘It Would Be So Nice’ – Fourth Single By PINK FLOYD (1968)

Knockouts from the past

12 April 2019

‘It Would Be So Nice’ by PINK FLOYD

It was the band’s fourth single released on 12 April 1968, 51 years ago. A playful, poppy and trippy song written by keyboardist Richard Wright. Some music critics hated it. One even called it ‘unbearably whimsical‘. But what do those so-called connoisseurs actually know about pop pearls, they prefer pretentious and pompous art rock like Pink Floyd would produce regularly later on. Drummer Nick Mason hated it too, but hey, he’s the drummer, so what does he know about pop pearls. I dig it because it’s not pretentious
and not pompous. It’s just a sweet little symphony, even a bit Beatlesque. Not that I do know much about sweet little symphonies. Whatever! Here it is…

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Legends OASIS Released Their Euphoric Debut Single ‘SUPERSONIC’ Twenty-Five Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

11 April 2019

Manchester rock legends OASIS released their debut single SUPERSONIC on 11 April 1994, that’s exactly 25 years ago today. Oh my, oh my! Time really flies when you are having some of the best years of your life with one of the best rock bands ever. FACT!

I need to be myself / I can’t be no one else
I’m feeling supersonic / Give me gin and tonic

Those opening lines still sound awe-inspiring, rip-roaring and utterly cool! So far,
in Turn Up The Volume‘s opinion, nobody followed into Oasis‘ giant footsteps. Nobody!
Noel wrote some of the best songs in music history. Live they were a red-hot rockin’
blast (I saw them 27 times). And yes, those two fighting brothers were maximum fun,
on and off stage. Supersonic was the start of an era. C’mon, let’s get mad for it again…

B-sides (on the cd single): Take Me Away / I Will Believe (Live) / Columbia
The single peaked at #31 in the UK but became a classic over the years

OASIS: Website – Facebook – Discography

‘Smash It Up’ by THE DAMNED (1979)…

Knockouts from the past

3 April 2019

Smash It Up‘ by THE DAMNED

Smash It Up‘ was released as a single on 28 September 1979. A track from their Machine Gun Etiquette LP of the same year, listed weirdly as ‘Smash It Up (Part II)‘. B-side: Burglar. The Damned wanted to smash the hippie culture. If you feel the irresistible urge to smash something too, than now is the time, folks…

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