TOILET RATS – One-Man Synth-Punk Army Leaves Its Sewer To Release New Album

Standout longplayers

10 April 2023


Who: The one-person operation of Tommy Ratz (synonym for Thomas Rehbein), who allegedly operates out of a small studio in the sewers beneath Minneapolis, MN where
he is surrounded by synthesizers, guitars, and fast food wrappers. He used to play in several bands and produce them too. Unable to get internet or television signals in
the sewer, Ratz collects discarded VHS tapes, audio cassettes, and discarded brochures, which inform his sense of reality and worldview.


TUTV: I’m not sure if Ratz‘s bio (see above) is true, but it definitely sounds cool,
just like his new album. It’s all burners and all cylinders on from track one until
the final one. Expect 10 sped-up, steamed-up and punked-up sucker punches.

Tons of synth-guitar-drum electricity with a head-twisting speed
force (Haunted House / Carol Kane / Clap Back) and vivid vibrancy.

At times it feels like a full wall-of-cranked-up orchestra is at work (like on the Ramones-esque Drug Bird / Sensory Overload / Walk The Earth), at times it’s industrial noise-rock time (Lava / Black Box Recorder). This toilet rat never slows down. No brakes, no breaks. I dare you to pogo to this clash and trash record without falling over your feet every 2 minutes.

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