Amazing Artwork – Debut LP LOU REED 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album art

27 April 2022

50 years ago this month late genius LOU REED released his self-titled commercially
and critically disappointing debut LP. In retrospect, it’s not a bad album whatsoever.
It’s a characteristic pop/rock Reed album with several tracks greatly reworked on later
LPs, but the production here sucks.

AllMusic said: “On its own terms, Lou Reed isn’t a bad album, but it isn’t a terribly interesting one either, and since superior performances of most of these songs are available elsewhere, it stands today more as a historical curiosity than anything else.”

Anecdote 1: Keyboardist Rick Wakeman and guitarist Steve Howe from the celebrated progressive rock band YES played on all tracks. Yes, a truly bizarre combination.

Anecdote 2: Wakeman said about the recording sessions,
“the lights had to be out so nobody could see.”

Artwork: Designed by Tom Adams. The US-born Anglo-Scots illustrator and painter who
is best known for his book cover art for the paperback editions of Agatha Christie.

Artwork by Adams

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