Sparkling Guitar Force TOURISTS Shine On New Ravishing Single – Here’s ‘SMOKESCREEN’…

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9 March 2020


Who: ‘Torquay five-piece Tourists combine elements of shoegaze and synth-pop
with deeper-rooted post-punk influences, crafting their own identifiable brand of
dark, melodic dream-pop.’

Track: SMOKESCREEN – 2nd single from upcoming debut LP – “the song explores the Western world’s consumerist culture, one that controls and distracts us from what is important. The song took inspiration from Graham Hancock’s banned TED talk The War on Consciousness ‘ which explores the hypocrisy of drugs laws, and what Tourists describe as “the repression of our rights to a meaningful experience that gives us an alternative perspective on our lives and our true meaning.”

Score: Expect shiny, multi-layered guitar extravaganza, melodious grandeur, harmonious vocality, a non-stop punchy drum beat, and a titanic bass riff that will make your aural antenna tremble. This is sparkling electricity from start to finish with a 80s new wavish resonance causing an incessant thrill. This band’s future looks marvelous!

And while you’re here check out their equally radiant debut single ‘ALIGN’

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Electrifying combo…