FRIPP & TOYAH (Sexy As Hell) Strike To #FreeBritney

8 March 2021

ROBERT FRIPP (best know as member of legendary prog-rock band King Crimson)
and his equally famous British wife TOYAH WILLCOX (8 top 40 hits and over more
than 20 LPs) continue their weekly Sunday lunch cover sessions. And it’s getting
better and better.

This time they want to set Britney Spears
free with her mega 2003 hit Toxic.

Robert is looking at Toyah – sexy as hell – as if he sees the classic
movie Clockwork Orange for the very first time. I love it, I love it!

Don’t miss the Britney message and
blooper in the end! JUST HILARIOUS!

I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic?
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re toxic?…

The original

PUSSY RIOT Rage And Rant On Synth Hammer ‘TOXIC’

New sonic impulses…

25 February 2021

Russian anti-government punks PUSSY RIOT made a lot
of glorious noise with Rage a few weeks ago. A track from
a new EP, coming soon.

But first another new slam. TOXIC is an industrial-synth
hammer blow bringing The Prodigy to mind.

“The single reflects on the importance of self-care, cherishing your mental health
and staying away from relationships that poison you. A few years ago I went through
an emotionally abusive relationship (that ended up being physically abusive, too, I was
being held against my will in a house we lived in). The best way to process trauma for
me is via creating art, that’s why we wrote TOXIC with Dorian and Dylan.”
says riot grrrl
Nadya Tolokonnikova.

Wham bloody wham bang bang bang…

PUSSY RIOT: Facebook