Sexy TOYAH (Too Sexy For You Tube) And Lonely Boy ROBERT Cover THE BLACK KEYS In 9 Takes

8 May 2022

(Still from the video clip)

It’s Sunday. It’s Toyah and Robert day. The tandem is simply
unstoppable. Today the comical pair picked The Black Keys
megahit Lonely Boy.

YouTube labeled the duo’s video age-restricted, so you need to go
directly to YT to see the clip. Why? Because Toyah looks terribly sexy?
Are you serious, YT? Incredibly ridiculous!

Check it out for yourselves, folks…

The Black Keys original

TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP Won’t Get Fooled Again

24 April 2022

And on the seventh day – a couple of years ago – TOYAH and her
dear man ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson) created their Sunday Lunch
as a fun pastime while being locked up in their kitchen due
to that shit virus.

I wonder how much longer this comic
duo will invade YouTube on Sundays.

Anyway, don’t get fooled again by them, folks…

The original

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29 March 2022

TOYAH and partner ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson) started
their weekly Sunday Lunch Sessions as a fun pastime while
being locked up in their kitchen due to that nasty virus,
about 2 years ago.

And their hilarious video performances on the 7th day
of the week are still going strong on YouTube.

This past Sunday they picked, for obvious reasons,
the timeless classic WAR by EDIWN STARR.

To hell with Putin…

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TOYAH & ROBERT FRIPP – Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

TOYAH and spouse ROBERT FRIPP (King Crimson)
had another wacky Sunday Lunch Cover Session.

This time they go for a big The Clash hit.

Toyah announced their cover as follows: “They are back for
another edition of Sunday Lunch. It’s always tease, tease, tease,
you’re happy when I’m on my knees…. I don’t think we need to
say anything else.”

So, people, what do you think,
should Toyah and Robert stay or go?

The original

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