TOYAH & ROBERT Talk About Their Generation…

26 July 2021

No, I’m not getting tired whatsoever of Toyah and Robert and Sydney.
As long as they continue their hilarious Sunday Lunch Cover Sessions the
way they do now for months and months I’ll be in the front row.

I’m sure you can bet every week, somewhere on the Internet,
on which song the trio will splash and smash.

This Sunday the YT stars only wanted to talk about their generation.
Toyah looked like an adult teenage doll showing her sensation(s) exclusively
to Robert and in the end, she smashed the camera, à la Pete Townshend,
with her (not so) giant guitar.

Don’t try to put Toyah d-d-d-own…

The original stutter…

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11 July 2021

TOYAH and ROBERT are a household name by now.
Their Sunday Lunch Cover Sessions keep on coming every
week. With masked friend Sydney the pair just can’t stop
acting comically while trashing other artists’ songs
during their Sunday Lunch Cover Sessions.

Today they went Pretty Vacant
while covering the Sex Pistols.

Turn up the punk, guys…

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