It’s Friday I’m In Love With Red-Hot Rock ‘N Roll Bolide From Wales… TRAMPOLENE

TRAMPOLENE – De Kleine Kunst, Ghent, Belgium – Friday, 9 February 218

Ladies en gents, all the way from Wales please welcome TRAMPOLENE
A flamboyant bolide sounding like a new romantic Libertines generation, like a hungry
wolf with an unstoppable appetite for ROCK AND ROLL. A 3-headed turbo with a big human heart and an honest soul. A bang-up band with dreams so rich, producing
glowing crackers like this red-hot injection…

Frontman Jack Jones is the eye-catching dynamo who knows all the thrilling tricks to get the spectators involved, who visits almost every corner of the place, who constantly interacts with the euphoric crowd (singing along, word by word, from start to finish) while raising the excitement to a steamy hot sauna level. This is what party music, made by people for the people, is all about. A turbulent melting pot of rockin’ ecstasy with a high dose of all
for one
atmosphere and many alcohol kisses. This is raw power, this is poetry in motion, this is it! And when Jack ask if today is Friday everybody knows that their firework punk version of that massive The Cure hit will follow. Talking about a smashing, sweaty night
out! In return I will finally forgive the Welsh football team for beating us, Belgians, back
in 2016 in the quarter-final of Euro 2016.

Picture this

Catch if you can

Bass love from Wales

and in the corner, the drummer

A threesome

A room with a view

The light shone on Jack all night long

One more very important thing. Last October the band released their debut album SWANSEA TO HORNSEY with a front cover photo of the band’s leader Jack Jones and
his sister as little kids having a laugh while Jack‘s already posing as a rock and roll star. Many record stores refused to sell the album because of the so-called ‘offensive‘ picture. The almighty Facebook imposed the band to delete the LP’s cover picture on their FB-account and even threatened to shut down the account completely. Here is what
Turn Up The Volume’s thinks on the subject. One: if you find this totally innocent and
funny image offensive than you, yourself is the problem, not the image itself. Two: the photo is part of a musical project about youth, about life, about being human and all related emotions, not about what the offended people think it is. Three: why is it that soldiers of terroristic killers army IS are still chatting with each other via Facebook, why
is it that the porn industry still uses Facebook (and actually the whole of the internet) to
sell their highly degrading ‘gear’. Four: why is it that fascist orientated politicians may offend the people, every single day… etc. Conclusion: it’s a sad case of hypocrite perception and a violation of the right of freedom of speech…

Hilarious, not offensive


TRAMPOLENE: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All concert pics by JL / Turn Up The Volume!)