In Shoegaze Purgatory With RESPLANDOR And Their Fourth Multi-Layered Album ‘TRISTEZA’

25 April 2022

Who: Shoegaze addicts from Lima (Peru) and currently based
in the Netherlands, who started their journey back in 1996.

New album: TRISTEZA – their 4th
Released: 22 April 2022 – order info here

The longplayer is produced and mixed by Robin Guthrie, founder/composer of
ethereal British band Cocteau Twins with nightingale voice Elizabeth Fraser, who
already contributed in the same way to the previous album Pleamar.

All songs were mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive, who also collaborated by mixing
the track Feel. The CD edition is exclusively available via Reptile Music and includes
the bonus track Silencio.

Turn Up The Volume: Expect the hazy and enigmatic melodiousness of British
shoegaze legends Slowdive and Curve (Tristeza / Silenccio / Adore), and the hauting,
multi-layered wall-of-My-Bloody-Valentine sound (Reverie /Feel).

Those shoegaze-exploring pioneers created emotive experiences and sonic
shadowplays where synths and guitars dueled with each other turning the
atmosphere into sky-reaching symphonic orchestrations.

They inspired many, then and now, and will do so in the future. Resplandor
live and operate in that utopian universe too, between heaven and hell, in
shoegaze purgatory. Between tristesse and redemption

Put on your headphones, close your eyes, relax, open your
ears and let your dreams float all over the psychedelic waves.

Right here, right now…

RESPLANDOR: Facebook – All albums on Spotify

Buy TRISTEZA here (all formats)