MILES KANE Covers DONNA SUMMER’s HOT STUFF – Belgium/Scotland 2018…

Ecstatic live performances

Alex Turner‘s buddy MILES KANE released his new, third, solo album COUP DE GRACE
on 10 August. All summer long he played festivals to promote it. Yesterday he landed in Belgium at Crammerock Festival. Although he looked like a horny modern day Tarzan, the white dressed Kane played a rhapsodic kick-ass set. A thunderous rock and roll show from start to finish. So many artists love to pick a classic song from other famous artists
to cover at festivals in order to get ALL of the spectators going completely nuts. So did citizen Kane. His choice was somehow surprising, yet totally completely bang-on. DONNA SUMMER‘s timeless disco knockout Hot Stuff made thousands scream at the top of their lungs. Here’s that glorious momentum when performed at TRNSMT Festival in Scotland
on 1 July 2018…

MILES KANE: Facebook – Stream ‘Coup De Grace’ – Full TRNSMT Scotland set 

Pics from yesterday in Belgium

Rock And Roll Trazan!


We have a winner, folks

MILES KANE: Facebook – Stream ‘Coup De Grace’ – Full TRNSMT Scotland set 

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

KASABIAN – ‘Put Your Life On It’ – At TRNSMT Festival in SCOTLAND in 2017

Smashing live performances of smashing knockouts

‘Put Your Life On It’ by KASABIAN
At TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow Green Scotland in 2017

Sing along, shout along, sway along,  love along, put your whole life and vox on it

KASABIAN: Website – All Albums

PUT YOUR LIFE ON ITon their 2017 ‘FOR CRYING OUT LOUD’ album –  stream here