Danish Brothers ALCABEAN Release New Riveting Single ‘TSUKUYOMI’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 January 2019

ALCABEAN is the musical moniker of Danish brothers Julius & Victor Schack who will
launch their debut album CONFESSIONS in March. Ahead of it they just dropped lead single TSUKUYOMI.

“Tsukuyomi is a reference to the character Ithachis fighting style in the anime Naruto where he traps people inside an imaginary world of his design. It is named after a Japanese Shinto Moon God. So the song Tsukuyomi is a reflection on the time we live in, our so-called post-modern world. On how it can feel as though information and views are shoved down our throats and that this almost imaginary world of information stalks us around always and constant like the Moon.”

Tsukuyomi‘ is a guitar driven, melodious gem, with delightful duet vocals that take
you immediately to a rapturous state of mind. This is high-quality pop songwriting with
echoes reminding me of The Cure‘s most catchy moments. Its vibrant flow will have an instant impact on your sonic senses. Glorious performance. Tune in here…

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