British Rip-Roaring Rockers PRYSM Electrify With New Rowdy Smack ‘TURN IT UP’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 November 2019

Last August North Of England steamrollers called PRYSM released one of the most thundery crackers of the year with the multi-layered, tumultuous stunner ‘Destiny’.
But they still have some inflammable fuel left in the tank before 2019 expires.

The band just dropped fresh crushing cut ‘TURN IT UP’. It starts with a throbbing drums/bass beat, but soon razor-sharp vocals and a wall-of-howling-guitars kick in.
From there on it’s full force ahead like an uncontrollable tsunami of high-voltage electricity, like a sonic whirlwind, like an illegal decibels abuse. Oh yes, indeed,
rock ‘n’ roll can make you lose control!

Tune in and turn up the heat…

PRYSM: Facebook 


To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here Are New York’s Swirling BABY SHAKES…

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

5 February 2018

New York’s multi-voiced quartet BABY SHAKES looks – except for the boy – like a sexy cross between those two fabulous, 60s soul pop nightingale bands The Ronettes  and
The Crystals. And how is the boy looking like, I hear you ask? Watch closely and you’ll
see he’s the lost grandson of the wall-of-sound’s wicked architect Phil Spector. And they sound just like an ardent retro fireball, like a ‘da doo run run’ garage rock turbine. Blustery, brisk and exciting. Totally funny, totally crazy, totally thrilling. To hell with Blue Mondays,
it’s party time right here, right now with flaming torch ANOTHER PLACE..

BABY SHAKES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

ANOTHER PLACE is on their 2017 album TURN IT UP – available here on Bandcamp