TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Knockout OCTOBER Team – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

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Eleven killer tracks we played on repeat in October!
An eclectic mix of poppy vibrations and steamy grooves
energizing all of our senses and our limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout October Team!

1. ‘Faith & Science’ by MODERATE REBELS (London, UK)
With Moderate Rebels it’s all about intoxicating mantra-like psych grooves. Like a mind-expanding mix of Velvet Underground, The Dandy Warhols and Spacemen 3. Far-out stuff!

2. I Don’t Care Anymore by BIG TIME KILL (Boston, US)
This raging electro-duo produces inflammable firework to go berserk to on the dance floor. This cutting cracker comes from debut LP ‘Shock And Awe‘. Read all about it here.


3. ‘Bar Stool Warriors’ by GARETH SAGER & THE HUNGRY GHOSTS (Scotland)
This is what happened when longtime post-punk chameleon Gareth Sager invited the ghosts of Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa for a cup of tea and a rad jam. Full result here.

4. ‘Turn The Knife’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
A feverish mixed emotions pop pearl build around a stellar melody with layers of sparkling guitars and elevated by the enrapturing effect of duet vocals. Both dazzling and haunting.

5. ‘Money Money’ by RICHARD ASHCROFT (England)
Closing track of the legend’s brand new album. Hottest, hookiest and rockiest cut of all.


6. ‘The Witness’ by HERSELF (Italy)
Most upbeat, most funky and most vibey stroke on new LP by singer/songwriter Gioele Valenti aka Herself. Find out more about the whole album ‘Rigel Playground‘ right here.

7. ‘Pastel Blues’ by THE ATTICS (Melbourne, Australia)
You’ll feel groovy, you’ll look groovy and your swaying hips will make other people go groovy when you’re walking the streets with this earworm on your headphones. Ace!

THE ATTICS: Facebook

8. ‘Beacon’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St Albans, UK)
Expect kooky guitars, a pulsating rhythmic tandem, an overall buzzing resonance, echoing vocals and karma-like 60s harmonies. Yesterday is the new today! Time to chill out! Yeah!


9. ‘Secret’ by VAUREEN (Brooklyn, NY, US)
As much decibels as My Bloody Valentine, as dark as Killing Joke and with Lydia Lunch‘s enigmatic spirit on vocals. Outcome? Like a pitch-black Neil Young hurricane. Puzzling!

10. ‘Victoria Park’ by RED TELEPHONE (Cardiff, Wales)
Melancholic melody, starry-eyed vocals and an overall gratifying warmth that makes you long for happy-go-lucky childhood days. Reminds me of romantic popsters Scritti Politti.


11. ‘Dream Apartment’ by OH FOR (Finland)
This humdinger’s jazzy bass warmth, its twinkling orchestration and its intimate vocals will make your thoughts drift away to the room in your mind where you can freely fantasize.

OH FOR: Facebook

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See/hear you next month for another knockout team

PALM GHOSTS Keep On Shining – Here’s New Mixed Emotions Pop Pearl ‘TURN THE KNIFE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 October 2018

Nashville dream pop designers PALM GHOSTS keep on shining. Only last June the group released their third, marvelous album Architecture, last month they launched new, fully-hearted single The Golden Age and now here’s another knockout. TURN THE KNIFE is a mesmerizing make or break love song that grabs your sonic attention instantly. Build again around a stellar melody, escorted by delicate layers of sparkling guitars, and elevated by the enrapturing effect of the rad duet vocals of Erica Whitney Wilkes and singer/songwriter Joseph Lekkas this special team turns up once more with something truly amazing. Feverish guitar pop at its very best. Catch the new terrific mixed emotions pearl right here…

The light sings the lines of your silent face
They echo and fade out the door
No words left to say anymore, anymore

We dance pressed close on a razors edge
without a net or grip to sure
No words left to say anymore, anymore

If I called you out would you come?
Or would you turn the knife and run
Would your words mean what they say?
Or am I what stands in the way

My soles thin from miles pacing through our dream
I couldn’t believe what I saw
There’s no words to say nothing at all

Dull churchbells ring like a telephone
But I have no strength for the call
There’s no words to say nothing at all

If I called you out would you come?
Or would you turn the knife and run
Would your words mean what they say?
Or am I what stands in the way

If I called you out would you come?
Would you burn the bridge I’m on
Do my words mean what they say?
Or should I just walk away?

TURN THE KNIFE available via iTunes and Bandcamp