Take ‘TWO MINUTES’ To Discover Tokyo Indie Trio THE WISELY BROTHERS

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4 October 2022

Photo-credit: Tomohiro Takeshita

Who: Formed as high school teens in 2010, Tokyo-based alternative/indie-pop
trio that formed as high school teens in 2010. So far they released two albums.

Sound: 90s-tinged nostalgia, awash with jangly guitar riffs, melancholic
melodies, and beautiful vocal harmonies, with all three members singing.
FFO: The Pastels, Pavement, Yo La Tango, The Velvet Underground, Marine Girls.

New single: TWO MINUTES

‘Two Minutes’ nods to Japanese culture, inspired by the belief that seeing a spider in the morning brings good luck. The single originally began as two separate song ideas, merged into one in the studio with the help of recording engineer Mr Hiroshi Ikeda at hmc studio, with the weird chop and edit intro sound a lip vibration emitted by bassist Izumi and kept in the mix.

It features on their upcoming Think Wisely, out on 12 October.

Turn Up The Volume: Take 2 minutes, actually 2 minutes and 40 seconds
to discover – unless you already know the brisk Tokio trio – The Wisely Brothers.

I’m sure you’ll thank me for entertaining you wth this trippy, funky and
jaunty tune. The irresistible bass/drum rhythm, the sparkling guitar riff,
and the laid-back vocality will make your day a relaxing one without
having fear of a spider. According to Japanese culture, the 8-legged
specie is a good luck charmer.

Enjoy the vibes and the cool accompanying video clip.

THE WISELY BROTHERS: Facebook – Instagram