TY SEGALL – 24/7 Musician Surprises With Eerie Psych Jam ‘VOID’

New striking strokes

29 August 2023

Californian post-punk garage rocker TY SEGALL is one of the busiest bees in rock-bizz. With 14 solo LPs in only 15 years and some collaborative albums here and there, like with his wife under the moniker of The C.I.A. you wonder when this guy sleeps.

He just announced North American tour dates for 2024 and along with the news he shared a brand-new track named VOID. An almost 7-minute psychedelic jam, progressing eerily with its repetitive guitar riff towards an eruptive finish. A peculiar Segall piece, but quite compelling.


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New longplayers

23 July 2022

Musical Californian centipede entered the rock arena in 2004
and fabricated 14 studio albums (including the new one) so far.

New album: HELLO, HI
Released: 22 July 2022 – order info here.
His 14th solo LP

Pitchfork: “The prolific songwriter’s latest is an acoustic detour, a quiet
soundtrack for overcast days… Ty Segall is an expert craftsman. The dead
space and repetition are what give the album its momentum, and the
ambling detours have an idiosyncratic charm that belongs entirely
to Segall.”
Score: 7/10.

Turn Up The Volume: After dropping his previous LP Harmonizer last year, without
any warning Segall has already another one out. Now and then noiseniks need a break from turning up the volume and do a sort of acoustic, moody Neil Young thing. That’s what Segall tries here too. Unfortunately, the result is lukewarm. Come back soon Ty and keep on rockin’ in the free world again.

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New striking strokes

With 24/7 productive rockers like Californian centipede TY SEGALL you wonder
where they were the moment they come up with new music. Not because they
were away for years, on the contrary, because they didn’t show up for about
a couple of months.

That’s what music junks are about, they’re always around
somewhere, they’re always busy with writing/creating.

Anyways, Segall just dropped a new track. I reckon that it is a song
written in his sleep and when woke up he started singing Hello, Hi.

And a good day to you too, Ty…

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THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers From The Past 7 Days

7 from the past 7 days

1. ‘Curious’ by FRANZ FERDINAND (UK)

After 5 albums the Scottish stars decided that it’s time for
a greatest hits record. The collection lands on March 11.

The band also included a couple of
new songs like this dancefloor thrill.

Shake your hips here…


2. ‘Piggy’ by SKUNK ANANSIE (UK)

After 28 years Skin and her henchmen still make your blood cook.
This new sizzling stroke calls out all incompetent governments,
specifically UK’s short-sighted Brexit statesmen. It’s a metallic bomb
with a volcanic Skin chorus.

No mercy for the wicked.

Play it very loud…


3. ‘Scorched Earth’ by COBRA THE IMPALER (Ghent, Belgium)

When grunge has a date with metal, when Nirvana hooks up with
Korn, an earthquake is in the making. These Belgian bulldozing
rockers know all about it and make it happen with this explosive
detonation. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Test your speakers…


4. ‘The Girls Are Fighting’ by BLOC PARTY (UK)

Kele Okereke and his team are gearing
up for their 6th LP, titled Alpha Games,
out April 29th.

New single The Girls Are Fighting
races with voltaic potency. A winner…


5. ‘The Story Of The Century’ by TY SEGALL (US)

Two years ago, director Matt Yoka’s documentary Whirlybird
premiered. It shows the adventures of two video journalists,
soaring above the chaotic spectacle of ’80s and ’90s Los Angeles,
including the OJ Simpson  chase in 1994.

A re-release accompanied by a new soundtrack will be issued soon.
One of the participators is musical centipede Ty Segall drumming his
tail off on this dynamizing instrumental

Wham bam…


6. ‘Connection’ by THE KOOKS (UK)

The glam boys canned a new longplayer, called
10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark. It hits the streets
next summer, on 22 July.

As an introduction, we get 3 cuts with Connection
as the most notable. A funky groover.

Turn it up, folks…


7. ‘You Can’t Keep It From Me Forever’ by PETER DOHERTY & FREDERIC LO (UK)

Libertine Peter Doherty is clean for 2 years now and has just been married.
The happy man lives in Normandy, France and teamed up with French musician
Frédéric Lo. The result is the album The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime,
coming out on 22 March.

The first taster is this
sweet little beauty

See/hear you next week, music junkies…


25 January 2022

Two years ago, director Matt Yoka’s documentary Whirlybird premiered
at the Sundance Film Festival. The docu shows the adventures of two video
journalists, Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard soaring above the chaotic spectacle
of ’80s and ’90s Los Angeles, including the OJ Simpson  chase in 1994.

Whirlybird still hasn’t gone into wide release, but the
film’s soundtrack by the tireless Ty Segall is on its way.

Taster The Story Of The Century is a totally surprising piece.
A puzzling and forceful drums-driven instrumental sounding like
recorded in the jungle. Without any announcement, you would
never know who cobbled this oddity together.

Here comes the chopper tune…

The documentary trailer

TY SEGALL: Facebook

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 32

What happened this past week…

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection of
7 firecrackers from the past 7 days.

This week’s Magnificent Seven on Spotify

1. ‘Not Alone But Not With You’ by ARXX (Brighton, UK)
Rollicking-riff-rocker from start to finish. These two frisky Brighton amazons know
how to make your head spin 360°. Touchdown. Just added it to my end-of-the-year list.

2. ‘Horse Latitudes’ by VOKA GENTLE (Wigan, UK)
Identity crisis? Play this punked-up, sickly sticky steamroller on repeat. I’m
sure it will help to find your way, and it’s so much cheaper than therapy.

3. ‘Before You Gotta Go’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Australia)
An impossible-to-resist earworm from her new, upcoming album.
Things Take Time, Take Time, out 12th November

4. ‘Future Stuff’ by JONFIN (Chicago, US)
Imagine the Lemonheads getting under your skin with a jiving
jingle jangle vibe like this. Yes, pretty ear-pleasing stuff. Score!

Frank advises everybody to smash their TV and get a tattoo. Sounds like big fun. This bangtastic jackhammer is part of his upcoming longplayer Sticky. Out on 15 October.

6. ‘No Regrets’ by SHE/BEAST (Malmö, Sweden)
For smooth romantic tunes like these, Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented so
these humdingers could be played in shadowy bars downtown at midnight.

7. ‘Harmonizer’ by TY SEGALL (Los Angeles)
Fuzzing and buzzing title track from the album that fell out of
the blue sonic sky without a warning. That’s Ty Segall for you, folks.

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Out Of The Blue TY SEGALL Dropped A New Longplayer – Hear ‘HARMONIZER’

4 August 2021

Musical Californian centipede entered the rock arena in 2004
and fabricated 12 studio albums (including the new one) so far.

Released: 3 August 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Again, Segall does what HE likes to do.
This unexpected album just came out of the blue without any
marketing promo. It’s a characteristic Segall record. Some Black
drones, some fuzzing and buzzing stompers, some hazy
psycherazza and his partner Denée singing a track called ‘Feel Good’
(she also wrote the lyrics).

Yep, it’s Ty by numbers, but his
numbers are as usual pretty good.

Have fun, folks…

You can buy the LP via Bandcamp


24 August 2020

Since his self-titled 2018 debut album Californian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer TY SEGALL has released, continuously, at least one album a year. The sonic junk breathes, dreams and hallucinates music. Non-stop 24/7 maniac. And the man also knows tons of pop classics from the past. Five years ago he even filled an album, called
Ty Rex
with covers of the late 60s / early 70s glam hero Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex

He also doesn’t look the other way for cheesy pop earworms like Hot Chocolate‘s 1978
hit EVERY 1’S A WINNER. He turned the disco stomper into a dashing drone on his 2018 LP Freedom’s Goblin. Check it out right here…

The original