IDLES Unleashed Their New Boiling Third Album ‘ULTRA MONO’ And A Video Clip For Opener ‘WAR’

26 September 2020

Bristol fierce punks IDLES released their third LP called ULTRA MONO confirming
their status of boiling-and-sharp-mouthed in-your-face misfits.

NME‘s verdict: “The Bristol punks’ third album is a juggernaut that roars through sarcasm, defiance, compassion and controversy… Talbot and the gang have built a wall around themselves and their followers, but also spend about half the record peering over at the
hostile world outside, before lobbing a few flares in its general direction… It’s a bumpy ride,
but one worth taking… This record fuses the first album’s goofy sense of humour with ‘Joy’s’ brazen manifesto for a healthier society. Despite their imperfections and the often justified criticism, IDLES are ultimately a good thing. The band want to take you on a trip and for you
to enjoy the ride, and for the destination to be serene. Hold on tight.”

Full review here. Score 4/5.

Frontman JOE TALBOT is 100% convinced that…

Check for yourself…

Simultaneously the band shared a video clip for the opening track WAR

IDLES: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)



ULTRA MONO, the third album by Bristol punks IDLES out 25th September.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

NME says: “A juggernaut that roars through sarcasm, defiance,
compassion, and controversy. It’s a bumpy ride, but one worth taking.”

Full review NME. Score 4/5.

Bristol Punks IDLES Announce Third Album And Drop New Brisk Banger ‘GROUNDS’

New sonic impulses…

17 June 2020

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Bristol’s power punks IDLES just announced their third album called ULTRA MONO,
out 25th September. Last month they unleashed riff crazy track Mr. Motivator, a
strong contender for single of the year. And here’s a new firm uppercut.

Frontman Joe Talbot says about GROUNDS: ““We wanted to write a song that embodied self-belief, and gave us self-belief — a counter-punch to all the doubt we build up from all the noise we so easily let in. We wanted to make the sound of our own hearts’ marching band, armed with a jackhammer and a smile. We wanted to make the sound of our engine starting. So we did. Thank you.”

Here’s the brisk banger…

IDLES: Facebook