New UNCUT MAGAZINE Issue With BJÖRK As The Cover Star

18 September 2022

Returning to Iceland, BJÖRK found herself putting down roots, reconnecting with her ancestry, losing her mother and becoming a grandmother. The result is new album Fossfora (out on 30th September) – the final part of her own post-divorce pagan comedy that’s taken her from America, via heaven and hell, back to Reykjavík again. Stand by for revelations involving mushrooms, Icelandic obituary songs, headbanging and “punching dinosaurs in the stomach! “I just wanted to land on planet Earth and dig my toes into the soil,” she explains to Uncut.

This new issue also features Cat Power, The Ruts, Steely Dan,
Lamont Frazier, Joe Strummer, Herbie Hancock
and more.

Her new single

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Artwork new album ‘Fossfora’



18 August 2022

New Uncut Magazine Issue – September 2022 – with JONI MITCHELL as the cover star.

When you’ve released a generation-defining masterpiece, as JONI MITCHELL did with BLUE,
what exactly do you do for an encore? In Mitchell’s case, embark upon an extraordinary run
which pulled her far away from her folk roots and expanded her confessional writing into something tougher and more expansive. In the latest issue of Uncut magazine talks to friends and collaborators to discover fresh insights into these canonical records and the powerful and complex creative processes of their creator. “They’re all classics in my book,” says Neil Young.

Also features about Suede, Bonny Light Horseman,
Small Faces, Khruangbin, Deniece Williams,
and more.

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JONI MITCHELL: Bio – Discography

Just Out – New UNCUT Magazine Issue

Stuff to read

23 July 2022

Wilco make their debut on the cover of the new Uncut. The issue also comes with a free Wilco CD, compiled by the band, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Plus Blondie, The Kinks, Kate Bush, The Rolling Stones, Love, Cass McCombs and plenty more!

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Wilco‘s magnum opus Yankee Foxtrot Hotel
was released 20 years ago, last year…

WILCO: Bio – Discography

ELVIS COSTELLO Collector’s Guide – 148 Pages

11 June 2022

“To the new wavers of ’77, Elvis Costello must have looked a straightforward proposition, a black and white world. Punk’s febrile, combative energies and the naïve excitement of golden age rock’n’roll and mod beat encapsulated in one bespectacled, legs-akimbo, skinny tied package. And so, for a short while, it would prove; as the arrival of The Attractions – and a pill-popping angry young man attitude – powered Costello on to the new wave front lines with This Year’s Model and Armed Forces, his aesthetic cohered around barbed and allusive dissections of pop culture, cutting social commentary and the politics of love and war. A critical darling, and not just because, as Dave Lee Roth bitterly attested, the sleeve of …Model was, for most journalists, like looking in a mirror.”

In the 148 pages of this Deluxe Ultimate Music Guide, fully updated to account for his most recent activity, you’ll read some of Costello’s most memorable interactions with just those journalists. Here you’ll find spiky moments – “Getting it all down are you?” – and expansive encounters. Not to mention a full reckoning of the many recordings, collaborations and other adventures which caused them to occur in the first place.


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Last 2021 Issue Of UNCUT MAGAZINE

15 November 2021

The new and final 2021 issue of British monthly Uncut Magazine
features Bruce Springsteen, along with typically illuminating interviews
with the likes of Jason Isbell, Jonny Greenwood, Ryley Walker, and Robert
Plant and Alison Krauss
is out now.

But the bulk of this bumper issue is devoted to our Review Of 2021, in
which we reveal the 75 best new albums, the 50 best archive releases, the
20 best films and 10 best music books of the year, as voted for by Uncut’s
staff and contributors.

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