Swiss Foursome ANNIE TAYLOR Eager To Get ‘UNDER YOUR SPELL’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 February 2019


Who: Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy dark pop. Imagine ANNIE TAYLOR as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora‚Äôs Box opened in end of 2016, when Gini (singer & guitarist) forced her flatmate to rehearse in the living room, until the neighbours came by to sing along or shut them up.”

Track: UNDER YOUR SPELL – brand new track from upcoming EP ‘Not Yours‘, out in April

Score: Annie Taylor‘s new cut feels like a twofold story. In the first half frontwoman
Gini, backed by her electrifying band, tells us joyfully that she’s under someone’s
spell but almost midway the tempo drops down, the mood gets darkish, the drums
start rattling and a feverish guitar solo kicks in as if the process of ‘I’m gonna make
you mine’
isn’t as innocent as it first appeared. Enigmatic electricity all around. Tune in…

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – ‘Under Your Spell’ available on Bandcamp