UNIK UBIK – Modern Day Prog Rock Unit Dynamized Brussels With Hot Saxed-Up Energy

On stage

9 May 2022

Who: A French/Belgian prog rock fourtet
Albums: Unik Ubik (2014), Maximum Axis and
their newest I’M NOT FEG SHUI .

Where/when: Botanique venue, Bruxelles – 5 May 2022

Oh blimey, what a find. Primarily Unik Ubik are prog rock fanatics with emphasis on rock who – I’m quite sure – have all Zappa and King Crimson in their record collection. Mind you they’re no copyists whatsoever and as prog rock has never been away (if you know young British gunslingers Black Country, New Road you’ll definitely understand what I mean) they don’t sound dated at all.

UU have their own Van Der Graaf Generator‘s legendary saxophonist David Jackson named Jean-Baptiste Rubin. The man has four lungs and blows as if his life depends on it. At times
I really thought his head would explode. His stamina is off the charts. And to have a breather he bangs a big drum now and then. Bingo!

Sébastien Delhaye takes care of the guitar electricity and intense vocals while having
a sip of his gin Hendrix now and then, and the drum/bass tandem rumbles with strength. As I said at the start: what a find. Plutôt unique. Keep on rollin’ in the free world UU.

You can stream/buy their new, fuzz and buzz,
album I’m Not Feng Shui here.

UNIK UBIK: Bandcamp – Spotify – Instagram

Saxophones in arms