Chicago’s Bass-Driven Pop/Rock Duo BELLHEAD Puzzle Your Senses With Single ‘VALENTINE’

New striking strokes

13 April 2023

Who: A duo – Ivan Russia and Karen Righeime – of Chicago musicians who present themselves as: Male-female duo band. Two basses and a drum machine. No Guitar. No BS.

New single: VALENTINE
It’s the first taster of their new, upcoming 6-track EP,
titled Good Intentions. More details here.

Artwork EP

TUTV: Valentine titillates your senses, synchronizes your feet-and-head movements and satisfies your ears’ musical needs with its bass-and-drum driven vivacity throughout this instantly gluey groover. On top of the irresistible flow electrifying 4-string sparks trip along now and then and so do subtle piano touches. Then again the near-whispering voice of Ivan creates a what’s going on here tension. Is it a song about loss and hope or moreover about death and forgiveness? Karen‘s femme fatale vocals do not answer that question either. Let our imagination run wild while shaking our hips with eurythmic swing.

Hey there Valentine
Where you going so fast
Won’t you waste your gifts on me
You know your looks won’t last

Come on Valentine
You can’t run from the past
Won’t you sit a spell with me
As autumn leaves downcast

Wake up Valentine
The flags are all half mast
Wash your funeral eyes
All things must pass

Listen Valentine
To your heartbeat next to mine
For your silver dollar smile
The hardest days are worthwhile

Listen to the sparrows
Hanging in the breeze
Telling all their secrets
To the yellow ribbon trees

Play. Here. Now.

BELLHEAD: Facebook – Bandcamp

SNAIL MAIL Scores With Vigor On American TV

8 November 2021

Who: The alter ego of 22-year old American indie
rocker/guitarist/singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan
Active: Since 2015

Snail Mail released her 2nd album Valentine last Friday with many critics
going crazy over it. NME gave the LP a full 5/5 score: “A beautiful progression
from her influential debut. Lindsey Jordan’s songwriting is as astute as ever, and her
exploration of love here is set to a rich palette of explorative strings and synths.”

Jordan also performed for the first time on American TV
last weekend playing the LP’s title track with vigor…

Full album…

SNAIL MAIL: Facebook

Captivating And Electrical – TRAVIS Still Has Power Pop Exitement To Offer…

New sonic impulses…

9 July 2020

Scottish veteran emo rockers TRAVIS announced a new album called 10 SONGS, their first longplayer since Everything At Once four years ago.  They also revealed vivid lead single  A Ghost.

Now the Scots just dropped another cut called VALENTINE. An electrical groove that soon gets under your skin. Both captivating and moody. Don’t give up on Travis yet. they still have catching power-pop excitement to offer.

Here we go…

TRAVIS: Facebook