A Little Gem About Equality – Here’s PRIMAL SCREAM With ‘STAR’…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

1 April 2018

PRIMAL SCREAM with one of their sensitive moments. STAR is about everybody,
about humankind, about equality, about living together. About all being brothers
and sisters. Mellow and soothing. Here’s the sweet little gem…

Are you solid, are you solid as a rock
Have you a strong foundation or can your soul be bought
It ain’t true that, everybody’s got a price
I sing this song for everyone who stands up for their rights

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star
Every brother is a star, every sister is a star

Sister rose, Malcom X and Dr. King
Showed us we got power, showed what changes we could bring
To change society you have gotta change the law
Their bodies may be gone but their spirits still live on

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star
Every brother is a star, every sister is a star

Rebel souls… souls… souls…

For the dreamers, rebel souls and future days
Be brave and strong, keep keeping on, be conscious in the chaos
The queen of England there’s no greater anarchist
One man’s freedom tighter is another’s terrorist

Every brother is a star, every sister is a star (x4)

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STAR was the 2nd single from the rad 1997 album VANISHING POINT

PRIMAL SCREAM – Speed Means Freedom Of The Soul – ‘KOWALSKI’ Single Released 20 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


‘Kowalski’ by PRIMAL SCREAM

Probably the nastiest groove PRIMAL SCREAM, featuring killer bassist Mani in the
line-up back then after The Stone Roses split, ever produced. A menacing steamroller
in honour of speed freak KOWALSKI, the madly driving hero of the 1971 cult movie Vanishing Point. It was the first single of The Scream‘s fifth album, named after that movie. One of their most striking LP’s ever to my ears. The single was released twenty
years ago today on 5 May 1997. Tighten your seatbelt, you never had a trip like this before. Start the mind-blowing engine of insanity here…



This radio station was named Kowalski
In honor of the last American hero to whom
Speed means freedom of the soul
The question is not when he’s gonna stop
But who is gonna stop him…

There goes the challenger
Being chased by the blue blue meanies on wheels
The vicious traffic squad cars
Are after our lone driver

The last American hero
The electric centaur, the demi-god
The super driver of the golden west
Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind
The beautiful lone driver
The police number are getting closer, closer
Closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile
Yeah baby, they’re about to strike
They’re gonna get him, smash him
Rape the last beautiful free soul on this planet

Vanishing point (4x)
Soul on ice (7x)
Hello Kowalski (3x)