Swedish Punks THE HIVES Released Second Album ‘VENI VIDI VICIOUS’ 20 Years Ago…

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11 April 2020

Swedish garage punk gang THE HIVES unleashed their 2nd album ‘VENI VIDI VICIOUS‘ today 20 years ago, on 10 April 2000. Led by madman PELLE, the hyperkinetic frontman, this clamorous squad makes you go bonkers, 150% rock and roll entertainment is what you get! Adrenalin-fueled jackhammers that drive you insane and make your head spin 360°. And when they hit the stage they crush you with blistering energy as I experienced
a couple of times. The LP sold more than 416,000 copies in America and Europe more
than 250,000 copies.

AllMusic wrote: “Rousing, stompin’ garage rock from these Swedes, with plenty of mod and frantic punk energy to keep you grooving along. “Party Party!” they seem to be saying, and you just want to join. This is definite change-up from the usual hyperspeed pop-ska-punk dross offered on Epitaph. Perhaps this arises from the fact that these guys are only distributed on Epitaph and yet are actually on the Burning Heart imprint. Plenty of fuzzed, struttin’, propulsive guitar work on this disc to assault your ears. Well worth your time to take a spin.” Score: 4.5

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Back sleeve

Live in Belgium – 2016 – Photos by Turn Up The Volume!