Hungarian Songstress VERA JONAS Impresses In Sound And Vision With Pensive Pearl ‘KESERGÉS’

Who: Award-winning artist from Hungary who sways you with
her tender music or makes you dance with her tiger-wild songs.

New single/video: KESERGÉS.

A highlight from her recently released new album HOLD.

Vera Jones: “For me, Kesergés is about a kind of cycle. Everything comes full circle, the
wheat ripens, the heart heals after it’s been hurt. The intro to the music is not coincidentally
a ‘uroboros’, a symbol of a snake biting its own tail. The fragmented but circular syllables also symbolize that everything we do will be reflected in our relationships, our living environment, but also in nature. This film is an impression of our brutal summer of 2022, where we had a very hot summer, so we tried to take many showers, while the Great Plain was severely damaged by drought. When I first saw this footage, I thought it was taken on another
continent, or at least in Southern Europe. This is happening no

TUTV: Intruiging song. Intriguing voice. Intriguing artist.

Kesergés is a meditative reverie about the unexceptional hot summer we just experienced, confirming once more that our climate is messed up in an alarming way. Vera Jones creates an atmosphere of urgent reflection embedded in a mesmeric melody.

This pensive pearl is sung in her native Hungarian language. To be honest, I had no clue how Hungarian actually sounded until now, and its, yes, exotic resonance surprised me.

Watch the impressive accompanying video clip.
The images speak for themselves…