Waking Up With… The Bonnie & Clyde Of Pyschobilly Punk

Works faster than caffeine

13 July 2022

I like the smell of Cape Town‘s glaring no-nonsense
rock misfits THE MEDICINE DOLLS in the morning.

Frontman/guitarist Greg Allen looks like a cross between
Scissorhands and Jack White and the dead-drop gorgeous bass
player Bex Nicolas has that Courtney Love look. To me, they are
the Bonnie & Clyde of psychobilly punk.

Get up with their red-hot-steaming single Vicious Little Sister
of their amazeballs 2020 debut LP Filth & Wisdom.

Open your ears and eyes…


THE MEDICINE DOLLS Share Lively Video Clip For Their Smoking Single ‘VICIOUS LITTLE SISTER’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

25 April 2020

Cape Town’s glaring no-nonsense garage rockers THE MEDICINE DOLLS released steamy single ‘VICIOUS LITTLE SISTER‘ last month. A smoking hot crackerjack, a nasty psychobilly stunner, a thunderous barnstormer with a gloriously sizzling chorus. Frontman Greg Allen‘s spits and sneers from start to finish turning this bang-up belter into one of the best riff slams so far, this year. And the best news is that their debut album is coming soon.

And now the band just released a video clip featuring
mad live footage and studio moments.

Go nuts right here…



Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 March 2020

We featured the utterly cool Cape Town misfits THE MEDICINE DOLLS several times before. Why? Because they’re a red-hot-blooded psychobilly force that messes with
your mind the way you like it. No special effects, only barbed DIY turbulence. They
are natural-born outsiders doing what they do best: creating scissored punk mayhem.

Soon these noisy no-nonsense rockers will, finally, release their debut album. Ahead of
it, the band unleashed the stellar lead single called ‘VICIOUS LITTLE SISTER‘ today. After
a couple of spins, I’m pretty sure this is the best thunderous jackhammer they ever made. It’s a filthy stonker exploding from the get-go with the terrifically bang-up chorus. followed by frontman Greg Allen spitting and sneering the verses, crystal clear, only to restart the whole sizzling hullabaloo all over again. Hell Yeah! Unquestionably one of the blowup singles of the year. Don’t miss THE MEDICINE DOLLS as they are on their way to score
big time this year. Sonic fireworks guaranteed!

Catch the glorious blast here…

THE MEDICINE DOLLS: Facebook / TUTV’s interview with the band here / Photo: FB TMD