For Your Eyes – PETER MATTHEW BAUER Lets Skulls Do The Talking On The Video For His New Single

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29 June 2022

After high-passionate American indie rockers The Walkmen called it a day
in 2013, after 13 years and 7 albums, frontman PETER MATTHEW BAUER
started his solo journey.

On 23 September he will delight his fans
with his 3rd solo LP titled Flowers.

PMB just shared the electrical lead-single, called SKULLS.

“Skulls” came out of a really strong period of writing music without thinking. I had stumbled onto this new style of guitar playing that brought me a lot of joy. I started using a distortion pedal for the first time in my life and discovered I could play all these riffs. “Skulls” came out of this kind of endless waterfalling soloing I played for hours and then cut down to what you hear on tape.”

Here’s the hilarious video.

Let the skulls do the talking…

PMB: Facebook

New album FLOWERS out 23 September 2022 via Fortune Tellers Music

For Your Eyes – Ape Crazy Video For New Collaborative Rap Jam By EMINEM & SNOOP DOGG

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27 June 2022

The two rap icons EMINEM and SNOOPY DOGG teamed up yesterday
at the New York’s NFT conference and Bored Ape Yacht Club’s ApeFest.

It was actually Snoopy who introduced, during his perfomance, a new song, titled FROM THE 2 D THE LBC and showed its ape crazy animated video clip on a big screen just after calling Eminem to the stage to become monkeys together.

Big fun…

SNOOPY DOGG: Instagram
EMINEM: Instagram

Songsmith COLYN CAMERON Shares EYE-Catching Clip For Dark Lullaby ‘DEEPFAKES’

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25 June 2022

Who: Singer-songwriter from Vancouver.

New single/clip: DEEPFAKES
Third new shared song from his upcoming
album Freehand.

Cameron: “I was reading a book by the same name as my new single,
Deepfakes by Nina Schick, which got me thinking about this AI technology,
but also the veil of capitalism that we already exist under, and how this
particular corner of the near future relates to the mega-marathon of
consumption & distorted nature of our current priorities.”

Deepfakes is a sweet little lullaby. Gentle, tender and warm.
Like crooners do. But the lyric topic is less charming.

Capitalism (still) rules. And some new technology like AI only serves
capitalism. The bitter truth is that you can’t stop the greedy money
sharks. Fortunately, they can’t stop good music.

Here’s the eye-catching accompanying,
as scary as capitalism…

Artwork upcoming album – info on Bandcamp


For Your Eyes – AFTER LONDON Drop Action Movie Inspired Video Clip For Rad Single ‘HURRICANE’

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24 June 2022

Who: London quartet producing a striking sound with
infectious hooks, truly unique delivery, and effortless swagger.

At the start of this month After London launched their new rad single HURRICANE.

The band about the song: “Hurricane” is about coming up for air after a long time in deep water. It’s a commentary on anxiety as our new age common plague – ‘pit in my stomach, learnt to serve it’, the dark undercurrent of technology – ‘white screen with a blue tick mural, your fix is somebody’s flaw though’ and genuine need for human contact ‘hard embrace,
saves the intervention’. Best listened to on a late-night drive.”

Artwork single

Turn Up The Volume named it Pick Of The Day and wrote: The combination
of a funky and foot-tapping groove, a bouncy rhythmic, spry and soulful vocals
by the band’s charismatic Amazon, and a sprightly and sticky as A-1 glue chorus
help you to breathe again in these alarming times. Play it everywhere, any time.
It’ll enliven your worrying state of mind. Don’t miss this hopeful injection.

And here’s the brand new video clip for the cracker.

Anything can happen at night, just like anything
happened in the action movie Heist


TESS PARKS With Charming Video For Highlight ‘I SEE ANGELS’ Off Her New LP

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23 June 2022

(photo by Ki Price)

Canadian songstress TESS PARKS released new album ‘AND THOSE WHO WERE SEEN DANCING’ last April. The title refers to a quote by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear
the music.”

A new video for my favorite track I SEE ANGELS is now on rotation on YouTube.

Watch the angel dance…


TESS PARKS: Facebook – Instagram

For Your Eyes – Join The Latin Music Party Of THE MARS VOLTA With Their New Track/Clip ‘BLACKLIGHT SHINE’

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22 June 2022

(press photo FB – The Mars Volta)

Who: Former At The Drive In members
Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Active: 2001 present / 6 LPs so far


The new piece – their first in 10 years – is fully influenced by Latin music,
with Bixler-Zavala singing in Spanish over a percussion jam that conjures up
the spirit of Santana’s early work. Fascinating stuff again by the these two
experimental prog-rock musicians.

Join the party here in the ravishing 11-minute black and white clip…

THE MARS VOLTA: Facebook – Instagram

Take A Bath With Mega Famous Celebrity Skin DEMI LOVATO

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Mega famous (135 million followers) rock punkette DEMI LOVATO from Albuquerque,
New Mexico
unleashes her 8th album HOLY FVCK on August 19. Pre-order info here.

Demi Lovato: “The process of making this album has been the most fulfilling yet, and I’m grateful to my fans and collaborators for being on this journey with me. Never have I been more sure of myself and my music, and this record speaks that for itself. To my Lovatics who have been rocking out with me since the beginning and those who are just now coming along for the ride, thank you. This record is for you.”

Ahead of it comes this Hole-esque fireball named SKIN OF MY TEETH.

Take a batch with celebrity skin Demi here…

DEMI LOVATO: Instagram

For Your Eyes… Fabulous Clip For Newest DEHD Single ‘WINDOW’

Works faster than caffeine

Chicago‘s glorious power pop trio DEHD released
their celebrated 5th LP BLUE SKIES late last month.

The Guardian said: “The album packs a lot of ideas—and songs—into its brief 33-minute runtime, preventing almost any song from overstaying its welcome. The result is some of their loosest, most fun work.”

Highlight single WINDOW was accompanied by this fabulous clip directed
by utterly charismatic front lady Emily Kempf alongside Kevin Veselka.

She said about the song: “It’s about being obsessed with true love and the construct of ‘the one,’” Emily Kempf said in a statement. “I wrote it to address my addiction to the terrible and wonderful pursuit of perfect love.”

Start the tape and be puzzled by this fab clip…

DEHD: Instagram

Belgian Nightdreamers SONIC TIDES Stun With Slow-Burning Jam ‘INSOMNIA’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 June 2022

Band: SONIC TIDES (Liege)
Who: Belgian 5-piece that produces a big subversive sound
ranging from noise rock to psychedelic. You can dive into their
duality between dissonant sounds and hypnotizing and
neurotic harmonies.

New single: INSOMNIA

“An ode to people suffering from insomnia. The lyrics describe the never ending
thought loops that keep you from falling asleep even in a state of extreme fatigue.”

Turn Up The Volume: The sky-scraping vocal vehemence of Soundgarden and the mindboggling electricity of Mogwai. This should give you an idea of this slow-burning nightmare erupting now and then with impassioned yearning. When a magnetic
bass riff and screeching guitars take over, midway, this hallucination works its way
to a inflammatory finale until the torch has burned out. Epic stuff.

The band had the privilege to work with Simon Medard and his team for the production of the accompanying video. The team of animators has worked tirelessly for months on this massive project. Its dreamy visuals were directly inspired by the band members dreams.

Eye-catching animated spectacle…


SERJ TANKIAN And SEVAK AMROYAN Impress With New Gripping Armenian-Language Song ‘AMBER’

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17 June 2022

System Of A Down voice and face SERJ TANKIAN and his acclaimed Armenian compatriot SEVAK AMROYAN teamed up for a monument of a song titled AMBER pronounced
‘ahm-be’r’ (Armenian), meaning ‘clouds’ in English.

Tankian: “I wrote the song after visiting my home country to serve as an election monitor as a member of the group, Justice for Armenia. The lyrics were initially inspired by slick theft of the elections before er reaching the ballot box.”

The accompanying video is directed by Hrag Yedalian, with Tankian and Amroyan standing still like they’re are opera singers. Meanwhile, a young boy flips through a sketchbook with handwritten phrases and illustrations that refer back to the song’s lyrics.

Tankian: “I wrote the song after visiting my home country to serve as an election monitor as a member of the group, Justice for Armenia. The lyrics were initially inspired by slick theft of the elections before er reaching the ballot box.”

It’s not that the clip is spectacular as such, but the vocal
performance sends shivers down your spine.