HAVVK – Irish Darkwave Duo Launch EYE-Catching Video Clip For Their New Nightmare Single ‘DAYLIGHT ROBBERY’

For your eyes

15 June 2023

Last month, Irish darkwave pop-rock act HAVVK released
their new stunning single DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

A song about the safe spaces we create for ourselves, and the
exhaustion of feeling scrutinised outside of these boundaries.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “A lot of angst and frustration erupt from the
very first moment that this raging burst attacks your stereo. Daylight Robbery‘s
sizzling post-punk exorcism grabs you by the throat from the get-go and never
loses its grip and its thundering velocity. Add Hough‘s bone-chilling vocals, and
you’ll experience a mind-crushing nightmare in broad daylight.”

HAVVK has now launched a brand-new video to visualize the song.

The clip explores themes of expectation and infringement of safety,
particularly for women and gender non-conforming people. It was directed
by Havvk‘s singer/musician Julie Hough and shot by Tim Shearwood entirely
in black and white.

Hough: “It’s about a girl who’s living the same day (or nightmare) over and over again.
We’ve been writing a lot about the topic of sleep lately – or lack thereof! I’ve had some
fun run-ins with insomnia and sleep anxiety in the last few years and it’s made me think
a lot about how our waking lives impact our subconscious and our connection to
our bodies.”

Talking about an EYE-catching video clip.

Roll the tape.
Get afraid.

HAVVK: Instagram – Facebook

Brand New Video For MOTÖRHEAD’s 1998 Cover Of METALLICA Classic ‘ENTER THE SANDMAN’

9 May 2023

Noise titans MOTÖRHEAD and METALLICA were friends for a very long time. The latter played on Lemmy’s 50th birthday concert in 1995 all dressed up as the great man himself, under the moniker of The Lemmys. In turn, Motörhead paid homage to some of Metallica’s best known exploits, even winning a Grammy for their version of Whiplash in 2004.

Lemmy‘s gang also covered their 1991 classic ENTER THE SANDMAN in 1998.
That version was part of a compilation that didn’t reach many fans of both bands.

The Motörhead curators decided to give the iconic cover the attention it deserves
with a brand new video for it produced by Mulberry Creative. It’s an animated one,
showing a horrifying nocturnal journey through the nightmares of a child who is
haunted by the evil sandman in his dreams, and is ultimately saved by the powers
of the inimitable Motörhead ‘Warpig’.


MOTÖRHEAD: Instagram

Belgium’s Fiery Groovers RUN SOFA Shared Kooky Video For Stunner ‘WHO CARES¿’ From Their New Rad EP

6 May 2023

Band: run SOFA
Who: Fiery post-punk cousins from Charleroi, Belgium
References: Sleaford Mods, Show Me The Body,
Suuns, Slint
and others

TUTV: Following their splendid 2019 album Face It the two
terrific post-punk groovers launched their new smashing 4-track EP
Spinning Wheel last March. Four hammering punches, four thwacking
blows, four rad rippers. Stream/buy the EP below.

To keep the momentum going the duo shared a pretty kooky video clip
for the EP’s scintillating stunner WHO CARES¿ with a mental mime artist
as the star in a rapid-eye-movement video.



run SOFA: Facebook – Instagram – Linktree

Garage Rock Snakes THE DARTS Shared Video For Their Slo Mo Psych Jam ‘BRING IT BACK’ Off The New LP

21 April 2023

The steamy garage ladies of Phoenix gang THE DARTS
released their 4th LP, titled SNAKE OIL last March.
You can buy it below via Bandcamp.

TUTV named it one of the 5 best albums of March 2023 and wrote:

Holy smoke! The Darts roll faster and harder than a steamroller on full speed. Snake Oil is without a shadow of a doubt their best longplayer so far. It feels like the record is infused with all their lockdown frustration. Tons of relentless energy, a non-stop appetite for a garage rock tsunami and the decibels turned up. Centre-stage Nicole Laurenne sings her heart out as never before while her 60s-sounding organ spices things up all the way. Now and then the Phoenix turbo slow down and give us a chance to fill our oxyen tank. The Darts are unquestionably at the top of their blistering game.”

Meanwhile, the black-dressed sexy Amazons are storming through Europe (these
days setting Spain on fire) to put a spell on all rock fans with good taste over there
with the new longplayer.

And they still found the time to shoot a video clip for one of the album’s highlights,
the closing track BRING IT BACK. A slow-mo post-breakup jam moving like a snake
looking for prey.

“Bring it back
you took my earth and sky
my sun and moon
when you left
everything good in my
life left too”

THE DARTS: Facebook – Instagram