San Francisco Punks SPIRITUAL CRAMP Cover Swedish Tornado THE HIVES


30 September 2021

Who: Steaming punks from San Francisco throwing
their new EP Here Comes More Bad News at our
heads next week. Stay tuned.

Original track: WALK, IDIOT WALK – Single from Swedish rawk tornado
THE HIVES. From their insane 2004 album Tyrannosaurus Hives

Cover: Spiritual Cramp‘s live version is a bad-ass motherrocker pushed
by that bad-ass Hives bass riff while a bad-ass drum slashes, bad-ass
riot-gun guitars go berserk and bad-ass vocals make me scream…
hell bloody hell yeeeeaaaahhhh!

Walk here…

The original uppercut…

Hello Howlin’ Pelle, see you (once again) next month in Belgium