Rock Amazon KATE CLOVER Will Walk With Her Boots All Over Belgium Tomorrow

28 October 2022

Who: A singer-songwriter-musician from Los Angeles, CA. From the local lineage
of bands like X, Germs and The Gun Club to the glamorous poverty of the streets
of L.A. Clover is inspired by the city that raised her and she explores the intricacies
of self-discovery, self-creation and self-preservation, in the city where dreams are
born to die.

Just a couple of weeks ago she released new single You’re Phone’s
Of The Hook
. A brisk head-over-heels rockin’ ripper. Check it out here.

And earlier this year she recorded, featuring Warren Thomas, a cracking
cover of Nancy Sinatra‘s classic THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING .

Her glorious take is pretty special. Its rotating rockabilly riff brings The Cramps
back to live and injects the classic with a psychedelic vibe. But there’s more to it.
Midway a reverberating six-string creeps into the song, here and there I hear
sultry echoes of a 60s Hammond organ and Clover sounds as sensual as 60s
icon Nancy Sinatra. Top version.

Tomorrow Clover plays at the Badlands Festival in my hometown of
Ghent, Belgium. I wouldn’t mind if she walked with her boots all over me.

Here we go…

The original


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