PREMIERE – Berlin Dream Punk Act FIR CONE CHILDREN Races On New Speedball ‘WAY UP NORTH’

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2 September 2022

Who: The musical moniker of Alexander Donat,
a Berlin-based indie dream punk.

New track: WAY UP NOTRTH
From the upcoming new longplayer ‘Today There’s No Tomorrow
(his 8th in 7 years!) out next month via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

On “Way Up North” it’s the neverending summer
holiday in which the sun and the moon become one.”

Turn Up The Volume: Take a deep breath before you start this supersonic
head-over-heels spunk missile up. You will need a lot of oxygen to follow this
Blitzkrieg speedball going at a razzle-dazzle, head-twisting pace. Way Up North
races from the get-go. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes.

Maniacal guitars and the avid bravado vocals of the Berliner punk rush
unstoppably toward an orgasmic climax. Breakneck, Aflame, and euphoric.

Flabbergasting stroke!
My kind of hullabaloo.

Get ready to be puzzled.