2002: A Space Odyssey – BRIAN ENO Created Music For Nightdreamers On ‘FOREVERANDEVERMORE’

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20 October 2022

Renowned musician-songwriter-producer BRIAN ENO (born, take a deep breath,
Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, 74 years ago and once upon a time
the alien lookalike who played keys with Roxy Music) has his 22nd solo LP out. It’s baptized FOREVERANDEVERMORE with Eno singing on it for the first time in years (his daughter does backing vocals here and there).

The Guardian (British newspaper): “Personal, intimate and urgent. The producer contemplates the future of the planet on these heartbreaking songs shot through with
wonder… Eno’s new album, his 22nd, is an emotional contemplation of environmental catastrophe. It’s as huge and enveloping as you’d hope, its undulating soundscapes suffused with longing and wonder. But there is a mournful quality, too, something heartbreakingly elegiac about these songs. There Were Bells was composed for an event at the Acropolis in Athens last year, performed on a sweltering 45-degree day; as Eno recalls: “I thought, here we are at the birthplace of modern civilisation, probably witnessing the end of it.”
Score: 4/5.

TUTV: FOREVERANDEVERMORE is one long ambient trip into space
for nightdreamers. Moony candlelight music for dark winter days.

Singles: We Let In / There Were Bells



Full album via Spotify.

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