Irish Riff-Crazy Hit Team SILVERBACKS Storms On New Speedy Single ‘WEAR MY MEDALS’

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9 September 2021

(Photo by Róisín Murphy O’Sullivan / Imagery By )

Who: Irish post-punk-pop band who released
their superb debut LP FAD last year.

New single: WEAR MY MEDALS
Their first for Full Time Hobby

Turn Up The Volume: I just love this thrilltastic Irish hit team.
Their new high-speed Devo-like riff-crazy steamroller makes your
adrenalin production explode, makes your head spin uncontrollably
like madmen Beavis and Butthead do when they go berserk, and leaves
you out of breath when the storm is over. Even the band has to slow
down with a long drum rolling and flute outro, while singer Emma softly
ho ho ho ho’s out.

Stunning strike! Silverbacks win gold medal.

Catch the vibrant vibe here while watching the pretty special video clip…