Coming Soon… VAN WEEZER Album

19 April 2021

Active: 1992–1998, 2000–present
15 albums (so far)

Album: VAN WEEZER – 15th LP

Note 1: The album is dedicated to the late Eddie Van Halen
Note 2: Recordings started in 2019 and a release was planned
for a 15 May 2020 release, but postponed for a year, until next

Release: 7 May 2021 – only 4 1/2 months after
their previous excellent album OK Human.

Singles: Hero / The End Of The Game / Beginning Of The End

– HERO –



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Veteran Indie Rockers WEEZER Have Their New Guitarless Album ‘OK HUMAN’ Out Now!

31 January 2021

Band: WEEZER (Los Angeles, CA)
Active: Since 1992

Album: OK HUMAN – 14th LP
Released: 29 January 2021

Rolling Stone says: “The approach is a not-so-subtle nod at chamber-pop benchmarks
like Pet Sounds and Let It Be but without the confessional diary entries of the former or the sentimentality of the latter. Instead, Cuomo tempers his natural sense of humor to the mood
of the music and the world in front of him.”
Score: 7/10.

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought Weezer would ever make a full album without any guitar on as producing layers of electrical riffs & licks is what the band has been about for the whole of their career. Do I miss them? No (which I felt, to be honest, only after a couple of spins). Guitars out, violins in. Strings are made for bittersweet symphonies and you get a lot right here. An 8/10 for me.

Single: All My Favorite Songs…

Full album…

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Smooth Strings Groove – WEEZER Shares New Single ‘ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS’

21 January 2021

L.A. rockers WEEZER have two albums waiting in the pipeline to be unleashed.

OK HUMAN arrives on 29th January and VAN WEEZER on 7th May. Originally the latter was the first to leave the gates (and 3 tracks off it already hit the internet) but the band had second thoughts and OK Human gets the honor to go first.

Lead-single ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS, criticizing the time we spend on our phones and social media, is a poppy, smooth and instantly ear-catching groove with a layers-of-strings chorus and the lines “All my favorite songs are slow and sad / All my favorite people make me mad, so mad.”

Let’s roll

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OK HUMAN out 29th January

Coming Soon… WEEZER With ‘OK HUMAN’ Album

19 January 2021

WEEZER has two albums ready to go public. VAN WEEZER and OK HUMAN. Some time ago the band announced Van Weezer would leave the studio first. But yesterday we got
the news that they changed their minds. OK Human will be out next week, 29th January, and Van Weezer on 7th May.

This leaves us with the 3 singles they already dropped from the Van Weezer LP and none from OK Human. Are you still there, do you still follow? Let’s have the 3 Van Weezers right here to warm up while waiting for both album releases…


– HERO –


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Iconic Veteran TODD RUNDGREN Inflames WEEZER’s ‘Hash-Pipe’…

14 April 2019

Wow! Double wow! Triple Wow! Flamboyant iconic veteran TODD RUNDGREN was always hungry to do something unexpected throughout his long career. This time he kept it real simple by giving WEEZER‘s classic HASH PIPE a heavy kick upon its doped ass during a live in-studio session for Sirius XM Satellite Radio in Manhattan, New York. Rundgren has covered this nasty rocker regularly for some years now, on his live shows or on special occasions. But this inflaming rendition beats any other of his versions available on YouTube. Wow…


WEEZER – Back With Piña Colada Single ‘FEELS LIKE SUMMER’ From New Upcoming Album…

Fresh sonic impulses for your ears…


WEEZER, the veteran power pop rockers out of Los Angeles will release their eleventh studio album later in the year, and launched its first single just now. “We decided to skip spring entirely and go straight to summer” says the band in a statement on their website. FEELS LIKE SUMMER sounds sunny, bouncy, relaxing and the elevating chorus will make you move from left to right and back on your barstool while you’re ordering a delicious Piña Colada. Yes, Weezer makes you feel like summer is just one love drink away…

The band also announced an extensive tour. Dates here

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