WHITE RIOT – Documentary About The ROCK AGAINST RACISM Movement In 1976

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14 November 2022


Released (DVD and Blue-Ray): 2019

Story: Filmmaker Rubika Shah documents the rise of Rock Against Racism (RAR).
The movie focuses partly on co- founder Red Saunders, photographer and Agitprop theater purveyor. Eric ‘fucking hypocrite’ Clapton supported the racist ideologies at
the time. More about Clapton‘s jaw-dropping nonsense here.

Rock Against Racism was a political and cultural movement, started in 1976 in reaction
to a rise in racist attacks on the streets of the United Kingdom, supported by the far-right National Front. RAR activists organised Carnivals, tours, but also local gigs all over Great-Britain, uniting black and white music fans.

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(with The Clash, Steel Pulse & more)


THE CLASH Released Debut Single ‘WHITE RIOT’ 45 Years Ago Today

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18 March 2022

Today 45 years ago, on 18 March 1977, legendary gang THE CLASH released their
barbed debut single WHITE RIOT. A furious and timeless punk anthem. This dynamite outburst was inspired by riots in August 1976 in London’s Notting Hill Gate area involving Jamaican residents and the police after continuous tensions due to racist policing. Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon were present that day and participated in the fights, sympathizing with the black locals’ cause.

With ‘White Riot‘ the late, great Strummer wanted to encourage also white people who
felt abused and oppressed by the government to come out and protest. ‘White Riot‘ only reached #38 at the time it came out but got his classic status over the following years.
B-side: 1977. Time to, scream out loud, folks…

White riot – I want to riot
White riot – a riot of my own
White riot – I want to riot
White riot – a riot of my own

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Make THE CLASH Not The WHITE TRASH Great Again

13 January 2021

Today the American House of Representatives will impeach the worst and most dangerous POTUS ever. A dictatorship inspired sociopath who lives in his own me, myself, and I reality. Let’s hope the vicious Capitol Hill attack will not be repeated today! Go away, Donald Dumped!

Make THE CLASH not the WHITE TRASH great again!

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HISTORY – 8 April 1977 – Debut LP THE CLASH…

8 April 2019

THE CLASH issued their classic self-titled debut album 42 years ago today, on 8 April 1977. The band translated their social commitment and political discontent into a razor-sharp, full-throated longplayer. A historic uppercut LP as a new generation raised its voice. Original, loud, fierce, speedy, and straight in the right-wing establishment’s ugly face. The LP peaked at #12 in the UK. Unfortunately, the right-wing curse is bigger than ever today.

Here are Turn Up The Volume!‘s three favorite knockout tracks …




Album in full…

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