Sweet Little Reggae Pearl – Canadian Singer/Songwriter PARKS N’ REC Says ‘ADIEU’

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21 June 2021

Artist: PARKS N’ REC
Who: Singer/songwriter from Canada

New single: ADIEU
2nd cut from upcoming EP Wish I Was Here, out 7th July

“I’ve been eight months away from my home in Canada. I wrote this song in MedellĂ­n,
Colombia, on the back half of my meandering “getaway” tour during the pandemic. There
were protests in the streets and the sound of reggaeton beats were everywhere in the “city of eternal spring.” It was surreal to be in a place so alive, yet serene at the same time. Everywhere
I turned, there was the sound of rushing water into fast-running creeks, and shoots of bamboo and tree roots busting up the concrete. A constant reminder of nature’s resilience and power. This taught me a lot. It’s all there in this song,”
says Parks N’ Rec.

Adieu is a sweet little pearl, a starry-eyed humdinger, a relaxing reggae earworm.
It’s a smooth and sensitive tune that plays on repeat in your head after only one
spin. This is what pop-ular music is all about. Catchy and moving, with an instant
impact on your heart and soul, your ears and hips. It’s a song that yearns for closure
says the author. I’m closing it for multiple times now and I will keep on closing. Just beautiful!

Press play and drift away…

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WISH I WAS HERE EP – out 7th July