TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For MARCH 2019…

Eleven knockout killer tracks from the past month…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A smoking mix of rolling rippers and mesmeric musings.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout March Team!

1. ‘Tastes Good With The Money’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
The Family tackles good old Britain with groovy and bloody pop stroke…

2. ‘White Male Carnivore’ by YAK (London, UK)
Blazing London trio with rad ripsnorter from new LP Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

3. ‘Hazel’ by TANGIENTS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
A massive banging recreation of a 1983 Cocteau Twins track…

4. ‘Demeanour’ by CROWS (London, UK)
Crushing missile from these motherrockers’ stirring debut LP Silver Tongues

5. ‘November Man’ by FILTHY FRIENDS (US)
Glorious fuck you Trump uppercut from this supergroup’s new album Emerald Valley

6. ‘Young Evil’ by YES WE MYSTIC (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Multi-layered and dazzling pop symphony from upcoming album Ten Seated Figures

7. ‘Woman’ by KAREN O and DANGER MOUSE (US)
Funky cracker from the duo’s first collaborative album Lux Prima

8. ‘Bullets’ by ZINNIA (Toronto, Canada)
A powerful piece of dramatic pop magnificence and spine-tingling splendor…

9. ‘I Quit’ by PORLOLO (Denver, US)
Loud and clear message. Rollin’ and rockin’…

10. ‘Calling Me’ by WILD MERCURY (Montreal, Canada°
Slow moving blues stroke cutting like a Swiss knife…

11. ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ by SARAH MARY CHADWICK
An impressive organ and an impressive voice sending shivers down your spine…

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TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For February 2019…

Eleven knockout killer tracks from the past month…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A boiling blend of rolling rippers and glowing grooves
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout February Team!

1. ‘Year Of The Dog’ by ROYAL TRUX (Washington D.C.)
Infamous trash duo with boiling slam from their upcoming White Stuff album

2. ‘Magpie’ by PEUK (Belgium)
Exorcistic Nirvanesque outburst from this noisy engine’s impressive self-titled debut LP

3. ‘Fried’ by YAK (London, UK)
Garage trio with fierce rollercoaster from 2nd album Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

4. ‘Better’ by RICH GIRLS (New York City)
This feels like a punchy shot of adrenalin. Intensive, elevating and ecstatic…

5. ‘Last Exit To Nowhere’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH (Manchester/Berlin)
Blistering blast from the band’s upcoming, ninth, LP  Montage Images Of Lust And Fear

6. ‘Politic!’ by MICHELLE BLADES (Paris, France)
Infectiously groovy, highly stimulating and catchy as hell…

7. ‘Sucker Punch’ by MADONNATRON (London, UK)
A flamboyant belter from these voodoo priestesses new album Musica Alla Puttanesca

8. ‘For Helvede’ by USE KNIFE (Belgium)
Hypnotic and high-powered electronic rapture. Striking debut single from Belgian duo…

9. ‘Without Love You’re Nothing’ by THE OCEANS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Anthemic score with towering guitars and harmonious, engrossing vocals…

10. ‘Passing Trains’ by INSOMNIAC BEARS (Norway)
Amplified pop vivacity with multiple layers, stimulating vocals and a grand finale…

11. ‘Lonely Running Man’ by KÚLU (Denmark)
Melodramatic and touching magnificence. Sonic tenderness to put your arms around…

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ROOTS & ROSES FESTIVAL in Belgium – Five Scorching Acts Recommended By TURN UP THE VOLUME!…

12 April 2018

If you’re hooked on terrific blues licks, boiling garage rock and modern folk firework then ROOTS & ROSES Festival is, unquestionably, the place to be. When? 1 May 2018. Where? Lessines, Belgium . This year’s line-up is probably the best ever. Info & tickets right here.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s must-see/hear acts…

1/ THE DARTS (Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA)
Who: Utterly cool garage cats released their inflammable debut LP Me.Ow. last year
Why: They’re sensual, sultry and sexy and claw like the best when they hit a stage…
More info: Facebook – Interview with TUTV
Music, maestro, please

2/ YAK (London)
Who: Young brats producing a hurricane hullabaloo on their debut LP Alas Salvation
Why: Last year they invaded Brussels with a big bang. I want to get knocked out again
More info: Facebook
Music, maestro, please

3/ COCAINE PISS (Liege, Belgium)
Who: 4-headed hardcore trashers
Why: they’ll crush your brain with the help of a mad saxophonist…
More info: Facebook
Music, maestro, please

4/ TJENS MATIC (Belgium)
Who: Belgian icon Arno playing crackers from 2 former bands Tjens Couter & TC.Matic
Why: Arno is a monument, one of the last original motherfuckers…
More: Website
Music, maestro, please

5/ TONY JOE WHITE (Oak Grove, Louisiana, US)
Who: Living blues/country/swamp rock legend…
Why: Because TJW is an essential musician in the history of the blues
Link: Facebook
Music, maestro, please

See you over there, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… YAK

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


Hungry Heart by YAK


British turbo driven garage rockers YAK hit Brussels last Thursday with howling force.
At times turning into a metal machine on deafening speed they thundered unstoppably. Like a supersonic hot rod without brakes while playing several highlights from hellish debut LP Alas Salvation, a contender for dynamite album of the year. The band caught
my attention from the release of their very first single HUNGRY HEART last year. A dazzling sledgehammer on record and on stage. Blue Mondays don’t stand a chance
when this torpedo gets fired. HELL YEAH!…

YAK: Facebook – Twitter

Supersonic hotrod…

… with a hungry heart

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

YAK – Another Garage Sledgehammer From Their Debut Album..


London’s crushing garage punk trio YAK will release their debut album ALAS SALVATION on May 13 via Octopus Electrical. Can’t wait to hear it, can’t wait to see this furious three-piece live as soon as possible. To celebrate the good news they shared another slashing missile from their firstborn. Hold tight, here’s ‘VICTORIOUS (NATIONAL ANTHEM) …

YAK: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(photo: FB – Yak)

2015 ALL STAR TEAM – 21 Inflammable Crackers…


21 Inflammable Tracks
On repeat in 2015
21 Number Ones …

1/ ‘Acetate’ by METZ
Noise kamikaze to blow all war-obsessed leaders off this planet – titanic psycho riffs!
Album: ‘II’ – iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Hungry Heart’ by YAK
A monstrous garage rock bolide to test your speakers – again and again and again.
EP: ‘No’ – on Jack White’s Third Man Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Pears For Lunch’ by GIRL BAND
Barbed wired post-punk havoc from girl band with 4 boys – sharp as a metallic knife.
Album: ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ – iTunes
Home: Dublin, Ireland
Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘I Wanna Hit’ by TUBELIGHT
Nasty moving beast exploding into a hammering drum driven finale – mind-bending ride!
Album: ‘Heliosphere’ – on iTunes
Home: Diest, Belgium
Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Pedestrian At Best’ by COURTNEY BARNETT
A rousing dead cool 18-karat killer track from an 18-karat killer album.
Album: ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ – on iTunes
Home: Sydney, Australia
Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Slow Down Low’ by MOON DUO
Heavy adrenalized, organ-driven psych roller – to start any December 31 party!
Album: ‘Shadow Of The Sun’ – on iTunes
Home: San Francisco, California
Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore’ by LUCY DACUS
Dacus’ frustration turned into an ongoing thunderous ramble – utterly irresistible!
Album: ‘No Burden’ – out 26 February via EggHunt Records
Home: Richmond, Virginia
Facebook – Twitter

8/ ‘Bros’ by WOLF ALICE
Best pop song in ages from the hottest electric pop band of the year – fabulous triumph!
Album: ‘My Love Is Cool’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

9/ ‘Mama’s Gotta A Secret’ by THEM VIBES
Blues based rock & roll Americana with an irresistible flow & a towering chorus.
Album: Mini 5 track LP ‘TV’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Nashville, Tennessee
Website – Facebook – Twitter

10/ ‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY
Psych synth-driven snake – catch these anarchistic dopeheads before they kill each other.
Album: ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ – out January 22 via Fat Possum Records
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

Music-alcoholic Anton Newcombe always delivers – contagious as first-class glue!
Mini-album: ‘Thingy Wingy’ – on iTunes
Base: Berlin, Germany
Website – Facebook – Twitter

12/ ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS
Most appealing & captivating quit/loud rock swagger of 2015 – superior performance.
Album: ‘A Flourish And A Spoil’ – on iTunes
Home: Lititz, Pennsylvania
Facebook – Twitter

13/ ‘Double Trouble’ by PUBLIC IMAGE LTD
The broken toilet lyrics are bollocks but the groove cuts like a Friday-the-13th-razorblade!
Album: ‘What The World Needs Now…’ – on iTunes
Home: Los Angeles (rich punk cunt!)
Website – Facebook – Twitter

14/ ‘Marks To Prove It’ by THE MACCABEES
A piercing, fully charged and tempo changing masterstroke – astonishing rollercoaster!
Album: ‘Marks To Prove It’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

15/ ‘Mad Truth’ by THE POP GROUP
The prostitutes are back with a bang and funky craziness to dance your socks off!
Album: Citizen Zombie – on iTunes
Home: Bristol, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

16/ ‘Bunker Buster’ by VIET CONG
Dark colored post-punk passion on the edge of a breakdown – highly fascinating!
Album: ‘Viet Cong’ – on iTunes
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

17/ ‘I Remember’ by EYEMOUTH
Slow burning creepy drone heading step by step to a colossal final – a sonic revelation!
EP: ‘Black and Blue Latitudes’ – on Bandcamp
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website – Facebook – Twitter

18/ ‘Dream On, Baby Blue’ by CHORUSGIRL
Glittering pop cut wrapped in an energizing melody & spiced w/ flamboyant harmonies.
Album: ‘Chorusgirl’ – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
Facebook – Twitter

19/ ‘I’m A Girl’ by PEACE
Power guitar pop ecstasy to scream along at the top of your lungs – pure rapture!
Album: Happy People’ – on iTunes
Home: Birmingham, UK
Website – Facebook – Twitter

20/ ‘Let Me In’ by V0iD
Euphoric rock anthem Foo Fighters never wrote – play this VERY LOUD & burst!
Album: ‘Keep Fighting’ – on iTunes
Home: Llanelli/Swansea, Wales
Facebook – Twitter

21/ ‘End Of Faith’ by THE AUTUMN STONES
Soulful sax melancholy – tempting roxy music with Johnny Marr on saxophone.
Album: Escapists – on iTunes
Home: Toronto, Canada
Website – Facebook – Twitter

Have all a stunning 2016

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YAK ! Massive Smack on Third Man Records…

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YAK, the brilliant London noise rockers, have revealed new single ‘No’ from a new, upcoming EP that will be released through Jack White’s Third Man Records. Cool. But best thing is that this new cut is another monstrous rock bolide. Merciless riffs, heavy drums and angry vocals. Dynamite stuff to blow up your speakers. Perfect…


Facebook – Twitter

YAK On A Monstrous Psychedelic Expedition…


YAK, the London psych rockers, already delivered, earlier in the year, one of the best tracks (‘Hungry Heart’) of 2015 and now they have accomplished a massive Tour De Force with a Appalachian (Appalachia is a region in the Eastern United States – you see, rock ‘n roll is very instructive) traditional folk song titled ‘Cumberland Gap‘ that was recorded for the first time in 1924 – Glasgow skiffle king Lonnie Donegan‘s extremely rushing rendition was a big success (see YT link beneath) in 1957 – YAK transformed the two-minute shuffle completely and unrecognizable into a Creepy 10-Minute Psychedelic Monster that progresses slowly, darkly and lowering until midway – then tempo goes up, volume goes up, fury goes up… Spectacular Exploit !

Here’s Lonnie Donegan’s 1957 punk speed rendition…

Yak – Facebook
Yak – Twitter

Psychedelic folk trio…

2015 ALL STAR TEAM – So Far! Twelve Dope Tracks…

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Already six months far in 2015. Time flies when you’re having rousing music on your earphones. Here’s my selection of 12 Smoking Hot Motherrockers of this year, so far. Twelve candidates for the definitive All Star Team at the end of the year. The order of the songs on the Spotify link is arbitrary. All Twelve Slam Dunks are provisional Number Ones (so far).

Turn Up The Volume!


1/ ‘Pedestrian At Best’ by COURTNEY BARNETT
Barnett is one of the coolest singer/songwriters in ages – this storming knockout masterstroke shines on her new album ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’...

2/ ‘I Wanna Hit’ by TUBELIGHT
Thunderous orchestration goes up while this creepy-menacing-psych-jam progresses towards a towering climax – staggering closer on the excellent debut album ‘Heliosphere‘ of this highly promising Belgian four-piece…

3/ ‘Acetate’ by METZ
Hammering concrete drone with a metal punk groove – perfect post-punk headbutt – brilliant live band – from the Canadians’ second long player ‘Metz II’

4/ ‘Cheer Up, London’ by SLAVES
High-Voltage punk rock fury from glorious British power duo – astonishing live band too – smashing debut album: ‘Are You Satisfied?’

5/ ‘I’m A Girl’ by PEACE
With this vigorous pop gem, the Birmingham band wanted to express that they’re more stereotypically females than males if men are just there to ‘fuck, eat and fight’ – quite a cool statement – new, second album: ‘Happy People’

6/ ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS
Huge melodramatic quiet/loud magnum opus produced by this passionately charged grunge rock four-piece from Pennsylvania – new, second, album: ‘A Flourish And A Spoil’…

7/ ‘Bros’ by WOLF ALICE
Hottest band coming out of the UK at this very moment – ‘Bros’ is a monumental sonic pop accomplishment – this pièce de résistance is on their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ !

8/ ‘Let Me In’ by V0iD
Classic rock with a euphoric melodic swagger – hard rockin’ riffs & refined pop bombast from Wales – from their third LP ‘Keep Fighting’

9/ ‘Somebody Call A Doctor’ by SUNFLOWER BEAN
A lagerly instrumental track with an instant sonic impact – mix of yesterday’s and today’s psychedelic richness from this up & coming New York trio – on their stunning ‘Show Me Your Seven Secrets’ EP !…

10/ ‘Slow Down Low’ by MOON DUO
Heavy adrenalized, organ-driven psychedelic roller that booms on like a roaring runaway train at full speed – from San Francisco duo’s acclaimed, third album ‘Shadow Of The Sun’

11/ ‘Hungry Heart’ by YAK
A giant foot-stomping rock & roll monster from fresh London trio – a gigantic, steamrolling debut single (on Fat Possum Records).

12/ ‘Fever’ by MEXICAN SLANG
Fuzzy Toronto punk rock trio with a great name and a blazing fireball – a million devastating guitars, an astounding crush with feverish vocals on top – perfect single…