15 July 2021

Two rock icons, born on the same day in different years.
Two eternal legends who were famous for different reasons.
Two broken souls who died away due to different problems.

IAN CURTIS – Born 15 July 1956Happy 65!

Ian Kevin Curtis was born on 15 July 1956 in Stretford, Lancashire, (England).
A doom and gloom lyricist, a monumental bass-baritone vocalist, a stunning
live performer, a troubled mind, a desperate soul. The crushing combination
of his epilepsy attacks, depressions and love problems drove him to an untimely
death. He took his own life on 18 May 1980, only 23 years old.



JOHNNY THUNDERS – Born 15 July 1952Happy 69!

John Anthony Genzale was born on 15 July 1952 in Queens, New York. He was a
New York Doll, a Heartbreaker, an inspiring guitarist (absolute idol of the Sex Pistols’
Steve Jones and many other guitar heroes), a 24/7 rock and roll hedonist, a junkie,
a suicidal soul. On 23 April 1991 he played his last chord. Only 38 years old.