A Band You Should Stalk – From London THE FADES With New Anxious Single ‘YOU FOLLOW ME’

New striking strokes

7 August 2022

Who: 4-piece from London with a punk DIY
aesthetic making noise since the mid-90s.

New single: YOU FOLLOW ME
From their upcoming album Night Terrors,
out 23 September. Pre-order info here

“The song recalls the time when lead singer Dave Lightfoot was the unfortunate recipient of too much attention from an ex-partner but was also experiencing a campaign of harassment from his cat. Due to a split, Dave was now around the house a lot more and the cat would not leave him alone. Sitting on top of his computer keyboard, following him from room to room, hassling him constantly for food and attention.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a sizzling steamroller going everywhere fast.
Energized by hectic guitars, a muscular drums/bass tandem, and frontman
Dave Lightfood‘s anxious vocals. This is a band you should stalk, but beware
of night terrors.

Press the button and let
the speedy bolide out of
its cage.

Right here, right now…

THE FADES: Facebook