ULTRA SUNN On Depeche Modus With Their New Shadow Dancing Single ‘YOUNG FOXES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Who: Cold/darkwave duo – Sam Huge and
Gaelle Souflet – from Brussels

New single: YOUNG FOXES
First single from their upcoming, second EP, titled
Body Electric via Cold Transmission. The accompanying
video clip is the first part of a story that illustrates two
tracks from that new EP.

Order info: here

Turn Up The Volume: After their excellent debut EP Night Is Mine
earlier this year, the electro addicted DJs from Brussels are back with
the first single from a second EP, out soon.

Young Foxes is vintage darkwave. Booming Beats, doomed drones,
eerie vocals and a repetitive bass synth riff that sticks as first-rate glue.
This new shadowdancing slam wouldn’t be out of place on one of the
Depeche Mode albums (well, one after their pop heydays) and echoes
of Front 242 are not far away. This new piece is a highly promising
harbinger for Body Electric.

Run as hard you can, right here…

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Photos by Kris Parenti, artwork by Ultra Sunn