NAMES – Second Single ‘LIMB BY LIMB’ Is A Heavy-Hearted Reflection On Broken Relationships…

Musings for the twilight hours…

Band: NAMES – Ioan Hazell (vocals / piano) and Joey Robbins (drums)
Home: Pembrokeshire, Wales
Track: LIMB BY LIMB – the duo’s 2nd single – singer Ioan says the song is “largely inspired by the ignorance of issues within a relationship which slowly bring about its demise. Also the effect of a background anxiety on life and ability to socialise.”
Sound: A sensitive and moody beauty with an intimate piano melody sounding like a soft heartbeat. Touching fear that makes you silent. Reflective sadness at its fragile best…

Sit opposite,
Ignore it,
Stay far away from corners nothing good’s ever behind them in the dark.
Feel it all getting smaller,
Closer to the core,
So much brighter so much hotter.

Don’t be alone,
Don’t be alone.

Stay silent in the face of noise,
Refrain from the human joy
Everyone is bathing in
Day by day.
Washing yourself in the pond,
It ripples for a second,
Dissipates and soon you’re gone:

Wave by wave,
Limb by limb

Release Date: 11/10/17 – Label: Libertino Records Format: Digital Single

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