10 Questions For Boston’s Fervent Garage Rockers… THE GALA

Discover up and coming artists in 10 questions

Ladies and gents, please welcome from Boston…. THE GALA

THE BAND says:” We are a bombastic Boston garage rock n’ roll band that appeared out of nowhere about two years ago. We managed to build a hype for ourselves with fuzz-drenched, fun-loving, energetic shows…
TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: “If Debbie Harry and Chris Stein would have been into brawny garage rock instead of bubblegum punk Blondie would have sounded just like this. Hefty, robust, provocative and with an unstoppable appetite for lively tumult fueled by organ orgasms.

Before we start the chat with frontgirl Emily Doran and guitarist Chris Kenneally,
let’s get in the right heated mood and touch the band right here, right now…

Here we go, folks
Hello Emily, hello Chris…

When, how and why did the band form?
EMILY: “To shred humans with rock n’ roll and eat them!”
CHRIS: “Hahaha. We’ve all been friends for about a decade now and would play tons of shows with each other in our separate bands. We always threw around the idea of starting a band together when we had the time for it, then in 2015 a couple of us found ourselves in band situations that were wrapping up so we finally got the chance to pursue this and the rest is an intergalactic myth.”

When did you know “this is how we want to sound,
this is what we want to say to the world”?

CHRIS:: “I don’t think we had a choice. Hahaha, Becca (organ) and I are obsessed with
doo-wop, garage bands and early girl groups of the 50’s and 60’s so that’s just how we write songs. Todd (drums) and Justin (bass) have a very similar vintage punk aesthetic, sonically there is a lot of middle ground between us. Aside from some crossover punk influences, Em’s vocal style is more dramatic than that but that seems to be the combo that makes the songs so unique. I’m not sure if any of us could’ve anticipated something sleazy and cheesy!!!”

If the band was an animal, which one would it be?
EMILY: “Seahorse, I think that goes without saying. Magical creatures, much like us!”
CHRIS: “We are the most savage animals I’ve ever met!!! Between all the pizza and
high-fives it’s a wonder we are still alive!!!”

The Gala’s magical alter ego (according to one source)…

The band’s signature track so far?
CHRIS: “Probably ‘Touch Me‘, but it seems like ‘Between The Lines‘ is quickly changing that with all of the attention it’s been getting lately. They both have the ‘family recipe’, a rockin’ beat, frenzied organ and LOTS of memorable vocals. If it’s not as good as the sax solo in Baker Street it gets trashed!!!”

What’s on the van’s stereo when driving to gigs?
EMILY: “Our songs, non-stop vocal ups. Hahaha.”
CHRIS:Link Wray, Flamin’ Groovies, The Cramps, The Sonics, The Mummies, Supercharger, Shannon and the Clams, Del Shannon, Howlin’ Wolf, The Ramones, The Trashwomen, X-Ray Spex, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Ex-Cult, The Kinks, Motown, The Shangri-La’s, The Ronettes, ZZ Top, The Stooges, Motorhead, The Ventures, Chuck Berry and the sax solo to Baker Street.”

Who’s your number one artist/band to go on a world tour with?
EMILY: “The Kills! Alison is a bad ass and does so much herself; the world will always
need more women out there like her.”
CHRIS: “Tough choice but probably would have to go with Roky Erickson though, he’s
one of the architects and the fact he’s still touring is an absolute triumph. Definitely a
huge influence! Close second is Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue at Universal Studios, great show!!!Total pros!!!”

Bad ass Alison

If you could go back in time on which artist’s front door would
you knock and ask for a selfie together?

EMILY: Dexter Poindexter!!! Because he’s HOT! HOT! HOT!!!
CHRIS: I would’ve LOVED to stop by Lux and Ivy’s (The Cramps) place, I’d try to steal all
their songwriting/guitar tricks too! I keep throwing out there that I want Ivy Rorschach to play guitar on our album in hopes that somehow it gets back to her, no luck yet but if you know anyone give them my contact info! Hahaha.”

What movie would you pick to visualize your music on a big screen at a gig?
CHRIS: “Hahaha, definitely some type of trashy, John Waters exploitation film like Mondo Trasho, Multiple Maniacs, Female Trouble, etc. Something rude and bizarre with a love story mixed in.
EMILY: “Or anything Nicholas Cage!!!”

Looks like a movie about The White House…

Plans for 2018?

CHRIS: “We have a bunch of gigs lined up supporting the recent release of our ‘Touch Me‘ 7” which is available at Dead Beat Records + Mailorder as well as the single ‘Between The Lines’ which will be appearing on a couple compilations later this year. We are also
in the middle of writing TONS of new songs, 14 are done but we are writing around 22 total before we start picking the best ones and figuring out what to do with them. Not sure if it will be our debut LP or a couple EP and Single releases yet, but I can say there will be a live album out later this year as well.”

The band’s ultimate dream?
CHRIS: “The dream is to land a booking agent and label that truly believe in us and what we create, we want a team that wants to help us perform and release as much incredible music to the most people possible throughout the world. We would also love to get to a point where we can help other bands do the exact same thing. After that, possibly moon missions and infomercials!!!”

Thank you Emily, thank you Chris.
May the road rise with THE GALA

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(promo press band photo received via THE GALA)

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