10 Split Questions For Punk Misfits ‘CHUPA CABRA’ And ‘NO FRIENDZ’ – Smashing Split Album Out Now!…

Discover up and coming bands in 10 questions

Here are two punk-spirited desperado bands, respectively from North Wales and
East Of England
. CHUPA CABRA and NO FRIENDZ are sexually ambiguous trash
rockers with the right DIY attitude and a middle finger for the establishment.
Confused but confident youngsters who picked up a guitar and formed a band
to scream out their frustrations and burning anger. They’re here to entertain you
and themselves with shattering uppercuts and crazed stories. Imagine outlaws
Fat White Family‘s confrontational spirit and The Fall‘s sonic chaos. HELL YEAH!

Last Friday these rackety cowboys released a split longplayer (6 songs each) via Thrashmouth Records. A hefty powerhouse of a record packed with loud and
eruptions from both sides. Intoxicating riffage, nasty hooks, explicit lyrics,
bluesy reflections here & there and tons of scream-along choruses. It feels like
both bands have the same mission: survive this mad world with a grin on their
faces. Let’s have a closer look at these two up and coming gangs with 10 split Q’s…

From North-Wales welcomeTayt, Nathan and Hayden from CHUPA CABRA

1/ What the hell is the band’s name about?
Tayt: ” When I was a young boy, I went to visit my brother in Argentina whilst he was on
his gap year and I was viciously mauled by the legendary chupacabra. The band is a mere homage to my many, many years of work researching the chupacabra.”

The legendary goat-sucker creature called ‘chupacabra’. Reported to live in the Americas

2/ Who’s King Leech?
Nathan: “All of the people in my songs are you.”
Hayden: “Some bastard. The lord of slugs. The baron of all worms.”

Here’s the king of slugs

3/ Who came up with the idea to split an album with another band?
Nathan: “Well it was Luke at Trashmouth Records really. It’s a thing they used to do back
in the day, split records and that. You still get a lot of split singles but Trashmouth have brought back the split record. We think its dead cool, good way for both us honorable friendz in No Friendz to get stuff out there. Big ups Liam and Luke, vive la France.”

4/ Who’s the guy on the cover of the album?
Hayden: “All of the people on the cover of the album are you. Nah, we don’t know. We work closely with Datamosh, they do all our graphics/visuals and we’ve done a few events with them. We played their exhibition, there was a huge wall made from cardboard and hazard tape, we played behind it and through the course of the set it was cut apart by men in lab coats and stapled to the gallery walls. There was a dude there watching a plant all night. The plant was on wheels. Weird stuff. They did the video too, check it out.”
Nathan: “They’re really cool guys, Paul and Guy from Datamosh. Paul looks like all things must pass era George Harrison, cool.”

Artwork split album

5/ If the band was a horror movie which one would it be?
Hayden:Rubber. The protagonist is a tyre. A masterpiece.”

And from Cambridgeshire, East Of England here are… NO FRIENDZ

1/ Are the band members no friends or does the band has no friends or both?
“……………………………….” (no answer, no idea why. Whatever next please)

2/ ‘Ballad’s chorus goes like ‘I’m useless, I’m a mess’. Is that why you formed a band?
Angus: “I formed a band because it’s better than getting a worthless degree and to fall into the 9-5 doledrum. I’m broke and homeless, but I’m in charge. Call me naive cause it’s true.”

3/ Your songs on the LP come after Chupa Cabra’s songs.
Did they win the toss?

“Wasn’t my decision mate. Conspiracy.”

4/ Will you do split gigs with Chupa Cabra too in the future?
“Dunno really. Quite hard considering we live 200 plus miles away from each other.
Up to the ingenuity of promoters. I’m usually busy trying to buy Morley’s.”

5/ If the band was a war movie which one would it be?

Thanks Chupa Cabra & No Friendz for the split chat.
May the road rise with your earsplitting hullabaloo…

Split LP out now! Stream/purchase right here…

NO FRIENDZ: Facebook

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