SONIC YOUTH – Released 10th LP ‘A THOUSAND LEAVES’ 20 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

11 May 2018



Released: 12 May 1998 – 20 years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: ” ‘A Thousand Leaves’, the band’s most challenging and satisfying record
in years. The blasts of dissonance that characterized their SST masterworks have been replaced, by and large, by winding, intricate improvisations. There’s a surprising warmth to the subdued guitars of Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, and Kim Gordon, which keeps the lengthy songs captivating.”
Score: 8/10 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s Top Track: Magnetic jam, hypnotic groove… here’s SUNDAY

Album in full

SONIC YOUTH: Facebook – Website – All Albums

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