TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘From Heroes To Zeros’ – Third And Final LP By THE BETA BAND…

Remarkable albums from the past

‘From Heroes To Zeros’

Released: 26 April 2004
Third and final LP

BBC MUSIC wrote: “The Beta Band are far too oblique and tricksy to stick to any kind of dull 4/4 format. Vocals trip over each other in counterpoint and within the mix there’s always enough bleeps and burbles to remind you that this is a very 21st century hybrid. ”Space” explores both the inner and outer variety with a krautrock clatter. Elsewhere, they demonstrate their uncanny knack for low-key beauty on ”Wonderful”. It’s left to tracks like ”Space Beatle” and ”Rhodedendron” to represent the off-kilter grooves of their previous work, albeit with a sweeter sense of melody.” Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s Top Track: Out-Side

Album in full

THE BETA BAND: Facebook – All Albums

Fascinating zeros

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