TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Things Fall Apart’ – Fourth LP By… THE ROOTS

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‘Things Fall Apart’
Released: 23 February 1999
Fourth longplayer

PITCHFORK wrote: ” ‘Things Fall Apart’ was a turning point for the Roots, the record
where they figured out what kind of band they could be. Both its themes and its eclectic
mix of sounds resonate in the current moment. As the Roots teetered between fame and purgatory, virtue and failure, the album captured the intensity of a group with everything
to lose and the world to gain. The band was pushing the limits of their sound. By building a musical community and mastering the art of collaboration, they figured out how to cross over and keep their soul intact. ‘Things Fall Apart’ was The Roots’ most successful record, and after years in the shadows, they were finally getting radio airplay and touring as headliners.”

Score: 9.4/10 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: “Unfortunately this album is highly relevant again today, as so many things falling apart again – most of all the equality among humans, regardless race, religion and sexual orientation – the past few years with macho world leaders dividing the people for their greedy benefit.

TOP TRACK: The Next Movement

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