Remarkable albums from the past…

‘Black And White’ by THE STRANGLERS
Released: 12 May 1978
40 years ago

BBC MUSIC wrote: “After two albums – the great ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ and its weaker sister,
‘No More Heroes’ and some extraordinary singles, The Stranglers were one of the most successful punk-era bands, hitting the top 10 regularly and being controversial (even for
1977) with their sexist lyrics and macho attitude. With an aptly stark cover and a division
into “black” and “white” sides, Black and White was immediately notable for its tougher
sound and attitude, and a merciful lack of songs about how awful women were.”

Full review here.

TOP TRACK: ‘Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’ – here live on Top Of The Pops in 1978

Album in full…

THE STRANGLERS: Facebook – All Albums

Not really looking nice and sleazy

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