JOHNNY MARR – Arresting Third Solo Album ‘CALL THE COMET’ Out Now…


17 June 2018


Living legend JOHNNY MARR just released his third solo album, entitled
CALL THE COMET.  His best accomplishment so far to Turn Up The Volume‘s
ears. True to his  ‘never do things the same twice‘ motto Marr went for a new,
more venturesome sound.  A gloomy modern-day glam rock stomp (especially:
Rise / Tracers / Bug and My Eternal) yet, despite the troubled times we live in,
with a hopeful look into the future.

Absorbing electricity with some contemplative reflections in-between (Hi Hello /
Spiral Cities / A Different Gun). Arresting richness on many levels. I’ll have Johnny
Marr‘s multi-layered ingeniousness, sonically and lyrically, on repeat many days
to come…

CALL THE COMET available on iTunes

NME review – Tour Dates – Website – Facebook

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