SMASHING PUMPKINS Released Breakthrough LP ‘SIAMESE DREAM’ 25 Years Ago…

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27 July 2018


Album: SIAMESE DREAM – 2nd longplayer

Released: 27 July 1993 – 25 years ago

ROLLING STONE review: “While debut LP ‘Gish’ was more subtle about its influences,
‘Siamese Dream’ announces them. Guitar solos by Corgan and James Iha are the stuff suburban, ’70s backyard parties were made of, Nugent and Hendrix all the way! But in
the Pumpkins’ mix, the bong-sucking stoner riffs prove intricate rather than wanky. Bill
Corgan and co-producer Butch Vig wrap the whole album in woolly production for that
special garage appeal. But there’s rarely a bum note in this tidy wash of styles, and even
the most chaotic pileups of distortion are painstakingly orchestrated. ‘Siamese Dream’
is a strong, multidimensional extension of debut ‘Gish’ that confirms that ‘Smashing
Pumpkins’ are neither sellouts nor one-offs.”
– Score: 3,5/5 – Review in full here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s fav tracks: Cherub Rock / Disarm / Today




Album in full…

SMASHING PUMPKINS: Website – Facebook – All Albums

WALTER LURE & THE WALDOS Rock Like A Mother Fucker On Scorching Blast ‘CRAZY KIDS’…

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WALTER LURE, original member of legendary American rock gang the Heartbreakers, formed by the late great New York Doll Johnny Thunders back in 1975, is back with his
band THE WALDOS and some new blazing shit in 25 years. Fresh album, entitled crazily WACKA LACKA BOOM BOP A LOOM BAM BOO will hit the streets next month. Ahead
of it here’s boiling single CRAZY KIDS. A ferocious punk outburst with tons of bloodthirsty Sex Pistols riffs à la Steve Jones. A merciless knockout roaring Like A Mother Fucker. It’s
time now to test your speakers’ strength, folks. Press the button and go apeshit…

WALTER LURE & THE WALDOS: Facebook – Bandcamp

WACKA LACKA BOOM BOP A LOOM BAM BOO – out 17 August via Cleopatra Records


Remarkable albums from the past…

‘White Blood Cells’ by THE WHITE STRIPES
Released: 3 July 2001

PITCHFORK review: “White Blood Cells doesn’t veer far from the formula of past White Stripes records; all are tense, sparse and jagged. But it’s here that they’ve finally come into their own, where Jack and Meg White finally seem not only comfortable with the path they’ve chosen, but practiced, precise and able to convey the deepest sentiment in a single bound. It’s hard to know at this point in the game where they’ll head from here, but what matters is right now. And right now, I want to listen to this album again.”
Score: 9/10 – full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Pure, stripped-to-the-bone, mind-boggling blues rock extravaganza. Their first step to world fame.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Hotel Yorba / We’re Going To Be Friends / I Think I Smell Rat




THE WHITE STRIPES: Facebook – All Albums

First gig in Belgium – AB club in Brussels in 2001 – great souvenir

Flamboyant Canadian Singer-Songwriter JEEN Will Make You Happy ‘ANY MOMENT’…

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25 July 2018

Artist: JEEN (Canada)

Who: “Jeen has written for many recording artists such as ‘Great Big Sea’, ‘Serena Ryder’, ‘Res’, ‘Hawksley Workman’, ‘Brendan Canning’, ‘FUWA FUWA’, Martin ‘Doc’ McKinney and more. She was a member of ‘Cookie Duster’ with ‘Brendan Canning’ of ‘Broken Social Scene’ and will release her third solo album in September.”

Track: ANY MOMENT – fresh single from upcoming album ‘The Gift Shop‘. “I was a lot
harder on myself with this record than I had been with previous albums. In retrospect, it was quite therapeutic. The album’s called ‘Gift Shop’ because I’m not very good at putting myself on display. I’d be good to lock myself away and just release records under the radar…
” tells Jeen about the new longplayer

Score:Any Moment’ rolls and rumbles big time. Layers of titanic guitar riffs fuel this explosive banger from the brawny start to the fiery finale while Jeen‘s agitated vocals
push the pace relentlessly adding even more dynamics to this speedy rock bolide. Get yourself ready to scream along with the sizzling chorus right here…

JEEN: Facebook – Website


Remarkable albums from the past…

‘First And Last And Always’ by SISTERS OF MERCY
Released: 11 March 1985 – debut LP

ALL MUSIC review: “With the band itself falling to bits shortly after the March 1985 debut of First and Last and Always, the album’s place in the skewed history of the rise of goth rock would, on one hand, be permanently linked with that discord but, on the other, not impacted in the slightest, leaving the fractious set’s success and structure to become a blueprint for an entire generation of up-and-comers. Copied to death, its brilliance has never been replicated. Indeed, the entire album remains unequaled in the genre, permanently granted top place on a pedestal from which it cannot be toppled.” – Score: 4/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favourite track: A Rock And A Hard Place

SISTERS OF MERCY: Facebook – All Music

Gothic Gods

Welsh Rockers ‘SILENT FORUM’ Reveal How They Faked The Moon Landing On Their New Infectious Single…

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Who: Welsh indie rockers who’s original line-up
was named ‘How I Faked the Moon Landing

From previous band name to brand new single title…

Score: This is a terrific score. An adventurous and highly infectious 6-minutes escapade that will have an impact on your greedy senses instantly. Why? Because of the shivering fusion of non-stop, irresistible firework guitar sequences, thumping glam drums, pumping bass and hypnotic vocals turning this mind-boggling banger into a 24 Karat cracker. Move all your furniture and make some room for yourself to move crazily to the mighty groovy swagger of ‘How I Faked The Moon Landing‘…

SILENT FORUM: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

Out 10 August via Libertino Records‘ Ghost Disco Singles Club

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘3 Feet High And Rising’ – Debut by DE LA SOUL…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘3 Feet High And Rising’ by DE LA SOUL
Released: 3 March 1989

BBC MUSIC review: “An acknowledged classic, De La Soul’s debut album now resides in something of a vacuum. A little like Captain Beefheart’s ‘Trout Mask Replica’, this is a record
of such startling originality that was paradoxically to lead the band eventually down a creative dead end.”
Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: one of the best summer LP’s ever…

TOP TRACK: Me, Myself and I

DE LA SOUL: Facebook Website – All Albums

Groovy Garage Generator THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT Drops New Crushing Single ‘LET THE RAIN COME’…

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Who: psych tandem out of Hull, England who count Alan McGee (Creation Records),
Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Cadogan among their fans, have previously supported the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Drenge and Temples. –

Track: LET THE RAIN COME – the band’s newest single, which will receive a very limited
7” release on July 27 and will be on their debut album ‘Preservation’, which is due out via Clubbed Thumb/Barrie Cadogan’s (The The, Primal Scream) ‘Non-Delux’ imprint on August 3.

Score: Let The Rain Come‘ is a crushing psych jam that thunders all the way. A turbulent and nasty groove bringing San Franciso‘s black leather rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to mind. Ominous, magnetic and intoxicating. Smells like devilish spirit to my ears. Capture the feverish bolide right here…

THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

Debut album PRESERVATION out 3 August via Clubbed Thumb

JANE’S ADDICTION – Third Album ‘STRAYS’ Is 15 – Released in 2003…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

22 July 2003


Album: STRAYS – third longplayer

Released: 22 July 2003 – 15 years ago

BBC Music review: “On Strays Jane’s Addiction really do sound like a band enjoying themselves again, doing whatever the hell they like, on their terms, and making some of the most exciting music around today. Normal service resumed then. Jane’s Addiction are most definitely back. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll run out and buy yourself a modern masterpiece right now.” Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favorite track: Just Because

JANE’S ADDICTION: Website – Facebook – Discography

Album in full…

JANE’S ADDICTION: Website – Facebook – Discography