Flamboyant Canadian Singer-Songwriter JEEN Will Make You Happy ‘ANY MOMENT’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 July 2018

Artist: JEEN (Canada)

Who: “Jeen has written for many recording artists such as ‘Great Big Sea’, ‘Serena Ryder’, ‘Res’, ‘Hawksley Workman’, ‘Brendan Canning’, ‘FUWA FUWA’, Martin ‘Doc’ McKinney and more. She was a member of ‘Cookie Duster’ with ‘Brendan Canning’ of ‘Broken Social Scene’ and will release her third solo album in September.”

Track: ANY MOMENT – fresh single from upcoming album ‘The Gift Shop‘. “I was a lot
harder on myself with this record than I had been with previous albums. In retrospect, it was quite therapeutic. The album’s called ‘Gift Shop’ because I’m not very good at putting myself on display. I’d be good to lock myself away and just release records under the radar…
” tells Jeen about the new longplayer

Score:Any Moment’ rolls and rumbles big time. Layers of titanic guitar riffs fuel this explosive banger from the brawny start to the fiery finale while Jeen‘s agitated vocals
push the pace relentlessly adding even more dynamics to this speedy rock bolide. Get yourself ready to scream along with the sizzling chorus right here…

JEEN: Facebook – Website


  1. jprobichaud · July 25

    Nice one! I actually went to high school with Jeen. And if you asked her, she might even remember me…


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