Happy 70 To ROBERT PLANT – Once Blonde God Frontman And Extraordinary Vox Of Legendary Rock Icons LED ZEPPELIN…

ROBERT ANTHONY PLANT was born in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England on
20 August 1948, seventy years ago. Blessed with an overwhelming blues rock vox
and an awe-inspiring talent for epic songwriting he formed – in 1968 – with Jimmy
Page, John Paul Jones
and John Bonham one of the most famous, hard rockin’ and inspirational rock band ever in musical history. The fact that he looked like a young
blond God added to the iconic band’s worldwide fanatic following. Led Zep called it
a day after the death of drummer Bonham in 1980. Plant started an impressive solo
career and collaborated with countless other artists. His newest album Catch Fire was released last year. To celebrate the 70th birthday of this outstanding artist/performer
Turn Up The Volume‘s three selected first-rate knockout moments…

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE played at their legendary 1979 Knebworth concert…

Striking live KASHMIR performance

Plant‘s goosebumps cover of Tim Buckley‘s ‘SONG TO THE SIREN‘ (2002)

LED ZEPPELIN: Website – Facebook
ROBERT PLANT: Website – Facebook

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