NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS – Fifth Longplayer ‘TENDER PREY’ Turns 30…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

18 September 2018


Album: TENDER PREY – fifth LP

Released: 19 September 1988 – 30 years ago

ALL MUSIC review: “With guitarist/keyboardist Roland Wolf and Cramps/Gun Club
veteran Kid Congo Powers on guitar added to the ranks, along with guest appearances
from old member Hugo Race, the Seeds reached 1988 with their strongest album yet, the insanely powerful, gripping ‘Tender Prey’. Rather than simply redoing what they’d already
done, Nick Cave and company took their striking musical fusions to deeper and higher
levels all around, with fantastic consequences…”

Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says:  At times freaky, at times catchy, at times fanatical
but always compelling, vehement and entirely committed. Whether Cave sings,
speaks, shouts, rattles or mumbles his vox is just extra-ordinary and life-giving.

ALBUM in full…

NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS: Website – Facebook – Discography

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